She Won’t Remove the Well on Her Property at Her Neighbor’s Request. Is She Wrong?

The property wars between neighbors are alive and well, my friends!

And this one involves a well, a septic tank, and some people with some serious beef.

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AITA for not paying to remove well on my property so neighbor can replace septic tank?

“My husband and I would like to get another point of view regarding an issue we are having with our next door neighbor.

Little background…we are cordial but not friends. We bought our house 8 years ago, they maybe 14. They own a construction landscaping company and have trucks/workers coming on our residential street daily, I assume to pick up work orders.

Over the years they have done extensive landscaping to their back yard, using our side yard to get there because they built a huge deck so close to property line. Absolutely gorgeous landscaping! The last 2 years they started to work on adjacent side yard and we noticed they planted small palms in front of our sprinklers.

LSS they thought they had approximately 6 to 8 more feet then they had. This came to light when they moved our sprinklers over when we said something about them planting in front of them!

Neighbor approached husband a few weeks ago that they needed a new septic tank and our “unpermitted” well was within 50 feet and would need to be moved. Hubby says we will move it if you pay for it.

She says, well it may be an issue since you don’t have a permit. We make a few calls, our realtor makes a few calls for us to septic co. Owner (it’s a small town) and she tells us they can apply for a variance, it had to have been permitted etc etc. We aren’t worried.

Neighbor knocks on door and hubby and I speak to her. She asks if there’s any way we can work with her and her husband because yes, they can apply for a variance but it costs $1800 and there is no guarantee that county will approve it. She asks if we can just move our well. Hubby says we will if you pay for it. She says she shouldn’t have to since we don’t have a permit.

This is where I may have been an a**hole. I did raise my voice and told her we weren’t paying for anything, you are trying to make your problem our problem. She said it was our problem because the county now knows we don’t have a permit so they may make us move it.

We said we had talked to some people and we weren’t worried. And I again said, your problem, not ours, stop trying to make it our problem. She said we may bring legal action. We said do what you have to do and slammed door.

We found our copy of the permit that former owners left us btw. Her passive aggressive threat of the permit p**sed me off and I did raise my voice to her. So am I the a**hole for raising my voice to Neighbor?”

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