He Made His Brother-In-Law Pay for a Meal He Said He’d Cover. Is He a Jerk?

I know I said I’d cover your meal, but…I changed my mind!

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Is this a total a**hole move?

Or was this guy justified in what he did?

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AITA for making my brother-in-law pay for his son’s meal after I said it was my treat?

“I don’t see my sister and her family very often so when o do I tend to splurge on them. I am child free for now and the foreseeable future. But probably not forever.

I took her family out for dinner and I said it was my treat. So it was my sister, her husband, his mom who lives with them, myself, and three kids ages 15, 12, and 10.

I took them out to a steak place on their city I always wanted to try. My 15 year old nephew looks at the menu and says he wants the tomahawk steak. I said it was three pounds of meat plus three full sides and he should probably pick something smaller.

My BIL says his kid can eat it all and I said it was my treat and that I’m trying to cheap out. It is $190 for the steak.

I said fine but if he doesn’t eat it all then you have to pay for it. He agreed.

We order and the waiter tells us the tomahawk is usually shared between several people since it comes with three sharable portions of sides as well.

I ask my BIL if he is sure. He looks at the kid and smiles and says no problem.

We ordered and when the food came out the tomahawk and sides took up almost half the table.

The kid finished less than a quarter of the steak and only a little bit of the sides.

When the bill came I asked to pay for seven meals, all the drinks, and all the tip. The Tomahawk steak on a seperate bill for my BIL.

He paid with ill grace. My sister said that he used the budget that they had earmarked to take the family to see new Spiderman movie.

I felt bad but I think that he was an a**hole to try and waste my money. He thinks I’m an a**hole for following through and making him pay for something that mostly went to waste.

Yes they took the leftovers home.”

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