Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Refusing to Pay For Her Sister’s Wedding Dress Because of a Joke

I’d say that’s a pretty BIG backfire…

Not paying for your sister’s wedding dress anymore because of a joke?

That must have been one hell of a joke!

But did this woman go too far with her response?

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AITA for backing out of paying for my sister’s wedding dress over a “joke” she made?

“I had an incident on my wedding day back in 2017, where my former fiance abandoned me and ran away with his pregnant mistress.

That image, those details are forever engraved on my mind and I’ll never forget how I felt that day. This was truly a turning point in my life. My family have always been there for me so I kept close to them.

My younger sister is currently engaged and her wedding will be in few months. She’s struggling with money so I decided to help her and her fiance and pay the wedding dress. This allowed her to be able to buy her dream wedding gown that costs 7,000 ($). It’s a lot for a dress but she literally cried because she wanted it.

This happened few days before we agreed to go buy the dress. We were eating dinner at my parents home and my cousin and aunt were there. My aunt was asking my sister about the wedding and my sister said that everything was going according to plan and then casually laughed and said “let’s just hope he won’t ran away with a pregnant mistress or something in our wedding day..”.

I was blown away completely. She laughed and aunt laughed too as if this was a joke. She was basically mocking what happened with me in my wedding. It happened so fast I got up and started screaming at her calling her an idiot but my parents asked me to take it easy and she said it was a joke and she didn’t “think” I’d react so intensely.

My aunt remained seated and my cousin asked me to calm down and drink some water but I grabbed my stuff and as I was getting ready, I told my sister she was getting 0 dollars for her dream wedding dress then I walked out. I heard louder commotion as I walked and my dad and cousin followed me outside trying to talk but I asked to be left alone.

My and dad spoke to saying I was too harsh on my sister over a joke and said that I know this is how she is with her dark sense of humor. They said she’s been crying after I decided to back out of helping her and said this’d ruin her wedding. They want me to reconsider my decision since it might damage my relationship with my sister but I refused.

Did I overreact?”

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