He Said “I Told You So” to His Girlfriend When He Was Right About Something. Is He a Jerk?

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AITA for telling my girlfriend that I told her so after one of her male friends tried to get with her?

“My girlfriend and I have been together for about a year now. My girlfriend has more than a few guy friends, and I’m not one of those guys that thinks men and women can’t be friends. However, with 2 of these guys, it’s very clear that they want more than just friendship from her.

Like clear as day to the point where I don’t get how she doesn’t see it. If I can notice just by the weird energy they try to exude when I’m present, she should be able to get too right? Wrong.

Any time I have pointed this out, she gets upset with me. She tells me that I am being jealous and reading into things, that aren’t there. I argue back that I’m just letting her know and as a guy, I can probably tell much better than she can since women tend to be a little slow regarding things like this.

So 2 nights ago night, she was hanging out with her friends and this guy was present. From what she told me, they were all drinking and he said some things that implied he’d want to be with her. She was made uncomfortable by this and the night ended shortly after.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. She got a series of texts apologizing for what he said, and then backpedaling and saying he would treat her so much better than me and she’s wasting her time with me. She of course said no and was upset with him. After she told me, I just read the texts and simply said, “Wow who could’ve seen this coming” a bit sarcastically.

This set her off and she got mad. She said that I was being such a huge asshole to her and she had no way of seeing this coming. She’s been p**sed at me since.


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