He Told His Mom and Sister to Pay Their Bills if They Think His Wife Should Be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Was He Wrong?

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AITA for telling my mom and sister to pay our bills if they agree my wife should be able to be a stay at home?

“My (28M) wife (31F) has recently started to express interest in being a SAHW to prep for being a SAHM.

We don’t have kids and haven’t been trying, and before getting married, we talked about kids and work/home arrangement and we agreed that we’d both work prior to and once we had kids, and agreed we’d take turns with the ‘stay at home’ portion for the first year or two after potential kids were born then both back to work.

Now she wants to do away with that and wants to be a stay-at-home wife until we have kids and then be a stay-at-home mom. I don’t want that, I never wanted that, and I made that clear from the start when we got serious. I enjoy my job a lot but my salary can’t sustain a family and I don’t want to go back to school and change careers like she wants me to to make it happen.

I don’t want to take up a second job either knowing I’d still be doing half the housework and childcare (not that that’s a bad thing) whereas both my mom and her parents are local she’d have plenty of help during the day and able to get downtime.

We had dinner at my mother’s a couple days ago with my sister and her kids. While we were there my wife goes:

“Your son’s being mean, he won’t let me be a stay-at-home mom.”

First my family took this as she’s pregnant and got excited so I had to tell them that wasn’t it. She just wants to be a stay at home. It turned into this three-on-one conversation about how I should let her stay home if that’s what she really wants and I should be taking care of her and finding a way to make this happen for her. Finally I go:

“Would you two help her with the house whenever she needs it?”

“Of course! That’s what family is for! Especially when you start having kids we’ll help!”

“Cool. Keep that same energy and help me pay all our bills and every other expense to upkeep our current quality of life if you feel so strongly she should get to stay home.”

They did not like that and told me I was being overdramatic. My mom called me stubborn and told me to find corners to cut to afford everything on my salary and drop things like streaming services, some of my hobbies, go from two cars to one, etc. We left and my wife wasn’t too happy on the way home. She says I was out of line for saying that to my mom and sister especially since she thinks I was serious.

Was I the a-hole for telling my mom and sister to pay our bills if they wanted me to go along with it?”

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