She Canceled Dinner Over Something Her Boyfriend’s Dog Did. Did She Overreact?

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AITA for canceling dinner and going home over something my boyfriend’s dog “did”?

“I’ll preface this by saying that I (25f) have been seeing Michael (31m) for a while now. he’s a really funny (a bit too sarcastic though) guy and we pretty much get along well. we’ve been dating for 4 months.

Michael likes the food I cook and he wanted me to come to his house to cook him dinner and also meet his dog for the first time (I only saw him in pictures/videos. he’s overprotective of him).

I grabbed all I needed from the store and went over to his house. All went well. I met his dog then we sat down to talk. Suddenly his dog started moving in a funny way. Michael was laughing while looking at me, I felt confused I asked him what the dog was doing and Michael said that the dog was telling him about me. I was like “ummm okay?” and then he flatout said that the dog thought I was “ugly”. This shocked me completely.

I looked at Michael and asked if he was serious. He started explaining that his dog is “like that” with “some” people and that I shouldn’t get offended over an “animal’s behavior”. I felt horrible because I, as a person always struggled with self esteem and am no stranger to the word “ugly” my issue wasn’t with the dog but with what Michael said. It’s like he was indirectly giving HIS opinion about my looks and using his dog as an excuse.

Long story short we had an argument and I ended up canceling dinner and going home. Michael called several times then when I picked up he was lashing out the entire time saying that I overreacted and that I cannot blame him and punish him for something his dog did.

He advised me to get rid of the “toxic” sensitivity I have and deal with whatever insecurity I have as soon as possible because what happen will set the tone for our relationship and eventually our marriage later.

I did respond later which caused another argument. My sister said I messed things up with my stupidity and that I should’ve laughed it off but for some reason I wasn’t able to.

Did I overreact here?”

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