He Told His Sisters He’s Not Helping Out With Their Mother’s Care. Is He Wrong?

Sibling rivalry is alive and well, my friends!

And this particular story that a man shared on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page about what’s going on with him and his sisters has a few unique twists and turns.

So is he wrong?

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AITA for telling my sisters they are getting nothing out of me for our mother’s care?

“I am the oldest of four and the only boy.

Mom always wanted girls and so when the oldest of my three sisters was born I was tossed aside by my mom. It only got worse when my other two sisters were born. Then my dad d**d and I was left the only male in the family, unwanted by my mother and not cared about by my sister’s because they were especially close to mom and loved being her girls.

My mom loved telling everyone she was a girl mom. She talked about being a girl mom was her dream come true. I was often left at home while she had her girls days. There was never a mom and son day

. A few times she was able to look me in the eye and tell me she forgot I was there if I spoke. There was never any shame in it. I did everything to try and be a good son and to win her love but it is what it is I suppose.

I cut her off when I turned 18 and I went to therapy to build up my self esteem and to try and find healing.

My sister’s and I did not stay in touch either. They admitted to not having missed me when they reached out to say mom has been diagnosed with ALS. They wanted my help taking care of her and I refused to help.

They contacted me 4 times now and the last time is when I told them they get nothing out of me. I said I would never lift a finger or spend a cent on mom after she discarded me once she got the girl she wanted.

They say she’s still my mom and they’re still my sisters and I owe my family. The oldest of them told me I was being a selfish, spoiled brat who was acting like a toddler because mommy didn’t love him but I am meant to be an adult and not take “random s**t” out on mom.


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