He Wouldn’t Let His GF Order a Second Round of Chips and Salsa. Is He a Jerk?

You’re cut off!

You hear that at bars sometimes, but at a restaurant…not so much.

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Check out this story and see if you think this guy acted like an a**hole for not letting his girlfriend get more chips and salsa.


AITA for not letting my girlfriend order a second helping of chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant?

“My (28M) girlfriend’s (25f) birthday recently passed. I offered to take her out to her favorite restaurant–a local Mexican place–to celebrate. My treat.

I own a townhome and am a member of an HOA. I was just hit with a violation concerning my back deck. I received a letter informing me that I have 60 days to replace 3 boards on my deck and the entire staircase; either that or I have to produce a signed contract with a contractor stating that the work is going to be done. If I don’t I’m going to be subject to penalties. I haven’t had a great year financially and so this is stressing me out.

However, I wanted to treat my girlfriend. So, we arrived at the restaurant. I ordered a Pacifico, she ordered a margarita, and then we both placed our orders for our entrees when our drinks arrived along with an order of chips and salsa.

It was pretty busy there and our entrees were taking a while. We were both hungry and polished off the chips and salsa pretty quickly. She said “let’s get some more chips and salsa.” She was about to flag down our server when I said “No, let’s just wait for our entrees. I don’t want to pay for extra chips and salsa.”

I had noticed when I read the menu that extra chips and salsa would cost $5 and I didn’t want to pay it. She responded “Seriously? You’re treating me to a dinner at my favorite restaurant for my birthday but you’re going to cheap out on chips and salsa? If I want a second margarita are you going to tell me ‘no’?”

I told her that I had factored in extra money for drinks but that I wasn’t paying extra so that we could gorge ourselves on chips and salsa because it wasn’t worth it.


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