He Wrote up an Employee Who “Catfished” Him. Was He Wrong?

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AITA for writing up an employee who Catfished me?

“I’m a manager in a work environment that’s rather casual where employees get close and spend a lot of time together outside of work.

I’m a little traditional when it comes to employer/employee relationships so while I do participate in some activities to build morale and camaraderie (i.e. happy hours after work, attend weddings if invited, etc.), I do not participate in social activities where things might get out of hand (i.e. going to concerts, clubbing, just going to someone’s house to hang out, etc.).

This is a personal policy that I also extend to social media where I keep my profiles private and do not add or accept employees on all platforms. I just like to keep things private and don’t want them to see where I spend my time, who I’m dating, etc.

Recently a new hire asked me for my account, and I kindly let her know that I like to keep things private. I thought that was it, but she went ahead and made a fake account to follow me (going as far as to post fake photos and write a fake bio to look like we went to college together).

I found out because after I accepted her, she took screenshots of my photos and shared them to other colleagues. Thankfully there wasn’t anything off base on my accounts, but she did share photos of a new boyfriend I haven’t introduced yet as well as photos of a new designer bag I purchased and “jokingly” asked everyone if he was my “sugar daddy”.

It was a huge breach of my privacy (her comments also embarrassed me), and I ended up writing her up (which is a semi-serious offense at our workplace that can lead to termination). Since then, it’s caused a huge drama at work with some employees thinking I can’t take a joke and that I was taking things too far while others came out to support me.

I hate that it’s split up the team. Upper management supports my decision, but some employees have mentioned that I could have just verbally warned her first and that it was my own fault for falling for her catfish.


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