He’s Mad at His Wife for Releasing a Bunny in the Middle of Their Yard. Is He Acting Like a Jerk?

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AITA for being mad at my wife for releasing a bunny in the middle of the yard?

“A few days ago my kids found a little bunny and brought it home. And they were begging us to keep it. But we can’t keep a wild rabbit and already have several pets.

The bunny was big enough to fend for itself. And I tried to nicely tell my kids that it needs to go back home to it’s family. They were sad, but agreed to take it back. However, I was busy with work and couldn’t go with them.

So my wife went. I told her to take the bunny to some thorn bushes at the end of the property and let it go there. Because that’s the safest place to do it. We live in a country area ripe with predators.

Well I went back to work. But a little while later my kids came running back into the house loudly crying with my wife trailing after and trying to calm them down and tell them it’s not so bad.

I asked what happened, and my eldest said that mama made them let the bunny go in the middle of the yard, and a hawk took it. They even described the poor bunny’s screams. I was mortified, and then angry at my wife for not letting it go the way I’d advised.

She defended herself and said it “Was just a bunny! The kids will get over it!”. But I said that was absolutely wrong. And I warned her of predators. And now our kids had to see that poor bunny get carried away by a hawk. Both of our kids shut themselves in their rooms and stopped talking to their mother for days. And when she tries to talk to them they call her the bunny k**ler.

I have tried to mediate. But my kids are still mad. And I’m still mad at my wife for how things went down. She’s angry with me for not having her back, and said as husband and wife, we’re always supposed to support one another. But we got into an argument where I pointed out numerous times she has not had my back. She started crying too, and has gone off to our room to pout.

I’m thinking I screwed up now. So a friend told me to ask here.


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