He’s Only Taking Two of His Three Nephews on Vacation With Him. Is He a Jerk?

You can come…you can come…you need to stay home!

Ouch! That hurts!

But there must have been a good reason for this guy to take two of his nephews on vacation and not take the other one, right?

Let’s dig into this story and see what happened…

AITA for taking two of my nephews on vacation with me, but not the other?

“I’m 36M, childfree. I have two sisters, Lisa and Annie. Lisa has two boys, 9M and 7M, Annie has a 8M and 1F.

They both struggle financially a little and I have a good job. So this year, I offered to take my nephews to vacation with me this year (my niece is so small that I don’t feel comfortable being alone with her at all, and Annie totally get that).

I told my sisters to bring the boys to my apartment for a weekend, so that I can see if they’ll get along and if I’m up for taking them to the seaside with me for 14 days.

The boys came, and at first, we had a great time. I ordered us pizza, we watched a movie, played soccer etc. Next morning, I woke them up and gave them cereal, the 8yro throws the cereal on the floor and says “I have waffles on the weekend”.

I told him he can’t have waffles for breakfast today, but we can make them for dinner or breakfast next day. He said he doesn’t like cereal. I told him he can then just have some toast with peanut butter or some fruit. He yelled at me for not making him waffles.

That day he also cut up my shirt because I didn’t let him have cookies for lunch, and told me I suck for telling him to eat his veggies before I give them ice cream. He was nightmare. 7yro and 9yro behaved great.

When my sisters came to pick them up, I told Annie what happened and she said ” oh he is just high spirited”. I told her I’m not taking him for vacation. I also told Lisa I’d be glad to take her boys with me, and they were super super excited.

My parents and some aunts have been biting my head off for treating the kids differently and denying a boy to go to the seaside just because he misbehaved once.


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