How One Teacher Became a Legend After She Punted Her Final to Help a Student With Cancer

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There are so many sayings about rules, aren’t there? Rules are rules. Rules are there for a reason. Rules are meant to be broken.

Anyone who has worked anywhere that there is an administration that mostly exists just to uphold rules, though, knows that crap can get out of hand, and fast.

This school had a policy where, if you had very good attendance through the semester, you would be allowed to skip a final in a class you had an A in before the end of the course.

Everyone loved the policy, because who wouldn’t!

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Well, it turns out kids with valid reasons to miss a bunch of school.

Like, say, a child with cancer who has required appointments and checkups and treatments and recoveries.

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The administration refused to let him skip his Spanish final, even though he had managed to keep an A through all of that horrible experience.

Because rules, obviously.

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The teacher had his back, though, and just told the administration fine, she would give and score his final.

Then she did what she wanted.

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In the end, everyone won – and let’s be honest, the administration didn’t lose, either.

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They have great teachers and great students, so they can’t really be disappointed, right?

Do you hate things like this, where people can’t seem to see gray areas or make necessary exceptions? It burns me up!

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