How Soon Is Too Soon For Houseguests After Baby?

Listen, I know that we’re supposed to keep an open mind when it comes to reading AITA posts. The headlines can be misleading and we can end up being swayed by the details in the end – it happens all the time.

That said, I’m going to go out on a limb and say anytime someone who has never given birth to a human being makes decisions for someone who is about to go through that trauma, they’re definitely the a$$hole.

Like this man, for example, who has been getting grief from his parents about them not spending Christmas together.

My wife (23) and I (27) are expecting. She’s due this month and things have been bit intense recently with her being extra hormonal.

We live in different state then my family. My wife and I couldn’t visit for Christmas. my parents were calling to continue complaining about us not spending Christmas with them and demanded I make it up for them.

When they threw out the idea of coming to stay for a week after the baby was born, he said that sounded fine and told them to make the plans (without speaking to his wife).

I said I was open for any suggestions they had and they suggested they come stay with us for a week once the baby is born. That way they could spend time with us and the baby as well.

I thought why not that seemed to be a pretty good suggestion since it’s been months since we’ve seen each others so I told them to go ahead and made the invitation Official.

When he did get around to mentioning it to his “hormonal” wife, she freaked out.

This morning my wife was talking about her plans once the baby is here and that’s when I remembered my conversation with my parents.

I immediately told her that I agreed to let them over for a week once the baby is born to make up for the holiday we missed with them.

She first looked shocked then freaked out at me saying I shouldn’t have invited them just like that without talking to her first.

He demanded to know what the issue was and so she gave him a laundry list of reasons that she was hoping to spend the first few weeks (or so) alone with the baby.

I asked why not since she loves them and loves being around them but she explained that my family can be a lot of work and having them as guests while caretaking for a newborn is the last thing she wanted.

I told her it was no big deal besides that we could use help if she thought about this way but she lashed out on me about how the first few days of the baby’s life is essential time for bonding and being intimate and I just took that away from her by inviting my parents and invading her space.

I argued that she was being melodramatic right then because my family are decent people and I’m pretty sure they’ll make this experience a lot more warmer but she still disagreed and said if my family were decent then they wouldn’t have accepted my invitation but I clarified to her that I did NOT invite and this was in fact a suggested made by them and I just agreed AFTER they complained about me missing spending the holidays with them.

She wants him to call and cancel but he doesn’t think her reasons are good enough and that his parents will be a big help.

She went off on me demanding I call them and cancel everything I planned with them but I thought that was unacceptable since she gave not a good-enough reason for me to do that and besides my parents can help but she still denied that being true.

She’s gone radio silence for the rest of the day and is acting like my family are somehow making her uncomfortable though they’re not the judgmental or intrusive type and are just about spending time with each others.


Is he the a$$hole?

I have a feeling that Reddit is about to let loose.

Yes, I think the caps lock was justified here. 2

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This person says he’d be the AH even if she hadn’t just given birth, because you don’t invite people to stay at your home without checking with your partner, period.

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Not only is he the AH, he’s clueless, as well.

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It’s a serious line in the sand for some people.

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His wife has just been gracious up until now, when her hormones have allowed her to be honest.

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I’m appalled at this man and he’ll be lucky if he ends up still married at the end of this debacle.

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