If Money Was No Object, What Would You Treat Yourself to Regularly? Here’s What People Said.

If I had unlimited funds, I’d hire a private chef so I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking ever again in my life.

Not that I despise cooking, but, if I’m being honest about it, I’d rather have someone else do it for me…all the time…and they’d be a pro so you know those meals would be great.

What would you treat yourself to regularly if money was no object?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

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No more!

“Weekly housekeeping services.

I really don’t like housekeeping.”

Got it figured out.

“I’ve mostly figured out how I want my future appartment/house to look like inside, so I’d buy all of the things I might want to have.

And the more expensive versions of the foods.”


“Personal cook/nutritionist.

Having my meals made for me, and them being healthy meals, would be so nice.

Think I would never have takeout food/bad food ever again.”


“Dental care.

My back tooth is just gone after a failed root canal. An implant would run like 6 grand.

I’ve just had nothing there for like 2 years now.”

Get comfortable.


I don’t see a therapist but I feel constantly stressed/anxious and my youngest is just entering a “strong willed” phase.

A massage would be so awesome but I can never get one. My only free day is Sundays and I’ve asked around and nobody will work it.”

Time to get creative.

“Art classes.

Glass blowing, pottery throwing, stone sculpting, gem faceting, blacksmithing, oil painting, batik printing, the works.”

Don’t lift a finger.

“Staff. Just staff.

Housekeeper, nannies, chauffeurs, personal trainer, personal chef, personal assistant, etc.”

Ready to get picked up.

“Chauffeur is a one I had’t thought of!

It sounds too decadent at first but being able to get home safely at night without having to take the subway or a sketchy cab?

I’ll have that.”

Get well.


On this note, I’d also like to see the doctor, dentist, and optometrist more.

My body feels a bit in disrepair, and having some regular medical care would probably help bring me back up to speed.”

All of it.

“Whatever I wanted. A little treat at the shop, a cute but impractical piece of clothing, a dinner out maybe.

I’d just like to be able to buy something I want for no other reason than because I want it, without having to do all of the mental gymnastics and algorithms about whether it’s “worth it” or what I might need that money for later on as I regret the purchase.

It must be a really liberating feeling.”

See the world.


No big plans around trips but just deciding to spend a week or two in another country because I saw it mentioned somewhere and it sounded nice.

With money as no object airfare hotels food luggage and all that wouldn’t matter as expenses to plan or save for and it would be so awesome to feel that freedom to just go somewhere whenever the idea strikes you.”

Eat up!

“Now that I do have money, the one thing I treat myself to is getting whatever I want on a restaurant menu.

If I want appitizers, I don’t try to get the cheapest, just what sounds good.”

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