If People Came With a Warning Tag, What Would Yours Be? Here’s What People Said.

Well, this promises to be a lot of fun!

There’s a chance that you might have daydreamed before about what would be on a warning tag if one happened to be permanently attached to your body, right?

I thought so!

So let’s get creative!

People on AskReddit imagine what their warning tag would say…you know, if we had them…

1. Very, very cool.

“Object appears cooler than it actually is.”

2. Sorry, no refunds.

“As is.

All sales final.”

3. Dependency issues.

“Warning: becomes attached to people very easily.”

4. A total crapshoot.

“Caution: Hard to motivate.

Interests may change randomly.

Mental stability not guaranteed.”

5. You better have ’em…

“Approach with snacks.”

6. Bad things might happen…

“Do not mix with alcohol.”

7. Well, that’s a new one.

“I have an identity disorder.

It may say something like: “Buy one, get one free”.”

8. Just the way it is.

“Tolerable only in small doses.”

9. Gotta be careful.

“Extremely awkward, handle with care.”

10. Being honest.


Choking hazard.

Small parts.”

11. Stay far away.

“Condemned: stay away for your health and safety.”

12. Watch out!

“Caution: Explosive material.

Authorized personnel only.”

13. Good to know.

“Warning: Despite liking you & enjoying your company, this person suffers from debilitating anxiety & will likely never contact you to do anything for fear of bothering you.”

14. Remember when you said…

“I’ll remember everything you’ve said and it’ll be awkward when I bring it up in a few years as if it’s nothing.”

15. Don’t be afraid.

“He isn’t yelling at you. He just has a big voice.”

16. Inappropriate!

“Warning. Believes it is funny. Is not.

May give off jokes at inappropriate times.

Do not leave unattended at social gatherings.”

17. Very specific.

“Do not remove from container without good reason. Contents of this package are surprisingly enjoyable but wears out easily with overuse.

Liable to expire at any time, no refund available.

Store with cats for best results.”

18. Why don’t you start?

“Likes to talk, just doesn’t know how to start a conversation.”

19. I’m stressed!

“WARNING: Contents under pressure!”

20. Move along.

“CAUTION this person appears to be an adult, but really can’t function.

Don’t waste your time/energy on this one.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

What would YOUR warning tag be?

Tell us what you think in the comments. Thanks!