If You Cause Someone’s Allergic Reaction, Should You Have To Pay Their Bills?

As someone with anaphylactic peanut allergy, I feel a kinship with this post (in some ways). People with allergies are always responsible for their own well-being, and we do things like vet what we eat, what we touch, and pay for expensive epipens to give ourselves the best shot at not dying.

That said, I also expect the people around me who claim to love me to also do their due diligence.

This poor girl has been in a relationship with a guy for four years who continues to eat peanut products around her, just making sure to clean up and wash his hands afterward.

I (21f) have been with my boyfriend (24m) for 4 years. We are both in college and don’t have a lot of money altogether because of that. I have more money saved up but that’s only for college so I don’t really even consider that money that I Have (If that makes sense).

So I am deathly allergic to peanuts and it has been this way my whole life, I was told even the smallest spec could kill me. I have been very careful and in my entire life, I’ve only had to use my EpiPen twice.

My boyfriend knows this, yet he continues to eat peanut products but I just make sure not to kiss him when he has had something peanut that day, he washes, etc. personally, I never liked that he just didn’t stop because I feel like he was putting me in danger but I also couldn’t force him to stop either and it has worked for the past for years.

It finally backfired when he forgot he ate a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and kissed her, sending her into a life-threatening reaction that required her to use her epipen and also to head to the emergency room.

He apologized, but for some reason her parents had to go pick her up from the hospital and bring her home.

What happened: So he came over into my dorm and we were just hanging out and he kissed me and a couple of minutes later I could feel my throat swelling and my lips getting bigger, I instantly knew that I was having an allergic reaction. I grabbed my EpiPen and shot it into my leg and told my boyfriend to take me to the ER. Even with the EpiPen I was struggling and was nearly passing out, my boyfriend was really freaking out too. Once I got to the ER I was taken in and the last I remember was passing out on the wheelchair in.

I woke up and my reaction was down and I was having the side-effects of the adrenaline, but overall okay. I got my phone out and my phone was blown up with apologies on how he forgot he ate a Reeses cup and he was so sorry and to please forgive him.

Once she got settled and thought about what happened, she asked him to pay her medical bills and for a new epipen, since the only savings she has are for college.

He told her he can’t afford it and she has more money than him, and then also cried to his mommy about it.

Once I finally got home and settled down (My parent picked me up) I told my boyfriend he should be responsible for my medical bill and a new EpiPen (The other one my school has) and he was telling me he has no money and he can’t, and that I have more money than him, etc.

I was pretty peeved off at him because he just nearly killed me and now he won’t even take responsibility for my medical bills.

More of his family got involved and has been rude, so OP (with the support of her family) informed him that she would be taking him to small claims court to get the money if he didn’t give it to her.

Well, word got out to his family and I received rude texts from his mom saying it’s my allergy so I should have to pay the medical bill, and I was the one irresponsible. I got mad and texted my boyfriend saying it was dumb to bring his mom into this then proceeded to say if he doesn’t I’m going to take him to small claims court because I don’t have an extra $5,000 to spare for a medical bill. He got very upset and I’m pretty sure our relationship is over now.

I’ve gotten a lot more texts from his mom now, and from his sisters and I’m choosing to ignore them. My parents agree with me that I should go and do that, but I’m just not sure.


Reddit is going to have a field day with this one, and I for one am super excited about it – let’s read!

The top comment says she’s not in the wrong for any of this, but she should have cared about herself more than letting a relationship like this go on for four years.

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It should have been an easy call – her or the peanut candy.

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Nobody on Reddit thinks he actually cared about her in the first place.

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A better boyfriend is in order, for sure.

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I think we can all agree on that.

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This guy is a real piece of work, I swear. This may have been a blessing in disguise (since she survived).

Personally, my husband has totally given up eating peanuts if he’s going to be around me at all; if he has one, it’s at work or when I’m out of town.

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