If You Could Remove One Event From Your Life, What Would It Be? Here’s How People Responded.

Uh oh, it’s time to get real, people…

Because we’re about to hear from some folks who really, truly wish that they could erase one single event from their lives…

And I think we all have something like that in our lives, right?

AskReddit users opened about the single event they wish they could erase from their lives.

1. Derek…

“This kid kneed me in the nuts as hard as he could in high school and as an adult I’ve had constant pain for over a decade from various inguinal hernias.

F*ck you Derek.”

2. Teeth problems.

“Only dentist that accepted my families insurance at the time was rated 2.3/5 stars.

My dentist f*cked up the anesthetic 4 times. All four of which she scraped the f*ck out of my gums with the needle, slipped on one of em and jabbed my cheek with the needle, the kicker? She didn’t even numb the right spot.

She starts drilling , her tool that sprays water is broken. So about 1/3 of the water goes into my mouth the rest just f*cking sprays me. She slipped at one point and skated the drill across another tooth and caught my cheek. She let out an audible “sh*t” and went back to working.

The dental assistant proceeded to ask the dentist a question about her personal life. They then had a 15-20min convo while she just held the spinning drill, hovering over my tongue.

I go to a new dentist, turns out she didn’t fill the tooth properly and left a huge gap between the filling and the wall of my tooth, which is why it kept hurting.”

3. Too bad.

“It’s not something I often talk about because I still experience shame. I lost my eyesight in my right eye because I was a teenager who thought I knew better and did not wear a paintball mask.

It was such a stupid mistake and caused me an endless amount of trauma. However, I am grateful that it taught me in hardest way that impairments are not always visual [pun].

At this point in my life, I have lived longer without vision in that eye than I did with. Oftentimes, it is common for me to be completely unaware that anything is abnormal about myself until I am made to realize that something or someone is trying to grab my attention from the right side and then it becomes a stark reminder of that stupid fateful day. Usually I shrug it off, but sometimes it still stings.

So, my answer to this question is that I would have never asked my mom to buy me a paintball gun. Ultimately, I think out of all the events that shaped my being, this one has the least likelihood of having drastic butterfly-effect-type consequences.”

4. Betrayed.

“Being robbed by someone I considered a friend.

Ruined my trust in people.”

5. Bad memories.

“Finding and reading the spiral bound notebook filled with my mom’s ramblings during one of her bad bipolar episodes, wherein she described being r*ped at the age of 20.

I was 8 when I read it.”

6. Terrible.

“I witnessed a nasty murder.

I was in my Jeep with the top down and watched two guys argue on the sidewalk.

I didn’t want to get involved so I just sat there.

One guy pulled out a home made knife (shank) and plunged it into the other guys eye. The sound was horrific.

I wish I had beeped my horn or something and tried to get them to move along.

The guy was later caught and convicted of murder but I’ll never forget the crunching sound when that knife went into his skull.

Nightmares for life. Also, my motorcycle accident where I nearly lost my leg 35 yrs ago.

That sucked.”

7. Regrets.

“Agreeing to a deal with my parents.

It led to me going to their choice of my college instead of mine, and it led to me having a ton of debt.

And it led to me working dead end jobs instead of becoming a teacher.”

8. Always listen to Grandma.

“Breaking my ankle when I was 8, I was trying to climb my grandma’s rose apple tree and shattered my ankle.

I’m in my twenties and have had 7 operations on it and ended up f*cking my other leg while trying to avoid injury on my sh*tty ankle all because I wanted a fruit and grandma told me to wait until morning.

My life would have been much easier and less painful if I listened to my gran and now I just wish she was still here telling me that I need to clean my ears and listen more because whenever I didn’t listened to her I ended in stupid situations.”

9. Changed forever.

“Crossing a road in Melbourne in 1999.

Got hit by car and given permanent brain damage, and from that moment my life changed course forever.

If it hadn’t happened, I would have had a much different much less painful life.

I was working part time as a gardener, studying IT, preparing to apply for uni to do a course on journalism which I had a good chance of getting into.

Was also doing volunteer work with street people, and panelling and presenting a couple of radio shows on a minor AM radio station.

And had just done over a year of physical rehabilitation for a bad back, lots of gym and fitness work, physio and I was about the fittest I’ve ever been.

Then I crossed the road and everything changed forever.”

10. Sad.

“My wife passing away.

Let’s just remove that part and have her sitting next to me right now talking about the ham she’s going to make for Thanksgiving.

11. Christine.

“My sister’s death from brain cancer. She was 21, it was a month before my 18th birthday. Miss her every day.

Wasn’t ready for college after that, tried to go anyway, failed. Now I’m in my thirties, no career, severe depression. I feel constant guilt that she didn’t get to be here but I am, and shame that I’m wasting it.

If I could remove a second it would be dating an emotionally abusive man for nine years right after leaving college, and letting him gaslight and isolate me.

But I’m back in college now, at 32, and I’m really trying. I’m taking it slow, and the financial issues are a constant stressor as well as dealing with the healthcare system. But still, I’m going to make it. For Christine.”

12. Lives lost.

“The bombing of the DAC hall in Sadr City on June 24, 2008.

F*ck you Colonel Dipsh*t who denied our request for the bomb dog and change of venue after the 6th straight day of making the same trip at the same time.

RIP Captain Farley, CW3 Hammett, the other 2 Soldiers, the interpreter, and the 6 Jundi who lost their lives that day.”

Okay, now it’s confession time!

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