If You Grew Up In The 90s/00s These 14 Images Will Bring Middle School Rushing Back

Listen, I get that middle school is the worst, most awkward part of growing up, but now that we’re past it, can’t we all look back and cringe together?

If you’re a young Millennial or older Gen Z person, these 14 images are going to put you squarely back in those days, for better or worse, so buckle up.

14. Ah, back in the day.

At least the internet can’t knock it down.

Image Credit: Hamilton Electronics

13. What is more awkward than a middle school dance?

Nothing. You cannot convince me otherwise.

12. You held your breath while it connected.

I can still hear the noises.

AIM Messenger
byu/MPLSMilitia612 innostalgia

11. You had to have one.

You know, for all of your valuables.

Image Credit: USML Triton Store

10. This fandom was your jam.

Sure it was cheesy, but it was also romantic!

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

9. Oh, man I almost forgot about Picnik.

How, though?

Image Credit: Picnik Photo Editing

8. Y’all what on earth were those pants?

I had so many pairs!

I thought I was hot shit in those gauchos.
byu/BellaStayFly inTrollXChromosomes

7.What on earth were we eating?

We survived, I guess.

6. You can definitely hear this picture.


Image Credit: YouTube

5. You were there for the start of it all.

What a dream.

Image Credit: Amazon

4. We didn’t know what the sheep were sacrificing.


Image Credit: Nordstrom

3. Are you trying to tell me these aren’t cool anymore?


Image Credit: Overstock

2. I think this is a trend that will not come back.

And thank goodness for that.

Image Credit: YouTube

1. Definitely a contender for the best day in gym.

Along with dodgeball and kickball, of course.

Image Credit: Gopher Sports

You could not pay me to go back to middle school, but certain memories are fun!

What brings those years back for you? Tell us in the comments!