If You Need A Laugh, These 12 Tweets Have You Covered

There are some days when you’re totally focused on what you need to do in your own life, and you’re knocking out that todo list one-by-one, refusing to be distracted.

Other days you need to spend a little more time poking around the internet, looking for reasons to laugh and then get back on track.

If you’re having the latter kind of day and are looking for a reason to smile, we think these 12 tweets might do the trick.

12. That’s a fabulous description.

I can almost taste the fake strawberry flavor.

11. It will always find you.

Usually right after you went shopping.

10. We’re all adults here.

Except for the people with car costumes, clearly.


9. You might as well put it out into the universe.

So the universe can laugh at you.

8. You know why.

We can’t live without it, that’s why.

7. It takes a village.

And none of these dudes have been raised right.

6. Good thing we don’t need to photo-respond.

Because otherwise everyone would know the truth.


5. That’s exactly the point.

It’s like they’re so close to getting it, and yet…

4. This is pretty true across the board.

I feel like everyone knows this, right?

3. It’s important to have goals.

This feels more achievable than those other things.

2. Why didn’t it, though?

Because I’m more disappointed than I really should be.


1. It can be hard to tell.

Especially as you get, you know. Older.

I definitely grinned (and even snorted) at some of these.

If you loved them and shared one with a friend, tell us which in the comments!