Is It Wrong to Buy Microwave Meals for a Husband Who Nukes Everything Anyway?

I’m going to try my best not to pre-judge on this one, because I know that every marriage and every relationship is different. They all work and run smoothly in different ways, but dang. If I read one more post that’s a woman worrying about what/how/when she feeds her significant other I might lose my mind.

In this case, we have a woman with three (soon to be four) children who works a 9-5 job Monday through Friday. She and her children eat vegetarian meals but her husband thinks he needs meat, so she makes two meals seven nights a week.

I try to do a variety of healthy foods, I always try to do new meals.

I cook 7 days a week for 5, soon to be 6 people (well more like a year and a bit) after working on five of those days and I always have to cook two meals, one vegetarian and one meat because my husband won’t eat vegetarian.

Her husband is too tired after caring for the kids all day to come to the dinner table, and so he asks her to heat up his food around ten in the evening, despite her trying to get some sleep so she can get up with the baby in the middle of the night.

This is what rage typing looks like, y’all.

Every night without a fail he asks me to put it in the microwave to heat up later and every night without fail he’ll wake me up 10-11 to heat the food up again knowing full well I’ll usually have to be up in a few hours to feed the baby.

She’s gotten fed up with it and started buying him microwave meals, but it’s causing his blood sugar to go a little out of whack.

They’re having a “little disagreement.”

Honestly I’m sick of it so I started buying him microwave meals.

Husband has type 2 diabetes so his sugars have been going a little higher than usual because he shouldn’t be eating unhealthy foods.

We’re obviously in disagreement here, his argument is he stays at home with the children (6mo,5,8) which means he’s tired and sleeps when I get home so he can’t eat but I work also and get home and cook, do my housework and still wake up during the night when the baby does.

Her friends (who are obviously s*%t) agree with him that he needs downtime after being home with the kids, but she’s tired of making all of the effort where food is concerned when he doesn’t even eat what she’s prepared while it’s hot.

My friends are agreeing with him saying it’s difficult to be at home with young children all day and it’s his time to relax.

I don’t know why he doesn’t do his food himself but even then I’m sick of doing a nice meal only to have him ruin it in the microwave.


Whooooooooooo boy.

Imma leave the thought-having to Reddit.

Others were seeing as much red as I was reading this, to the point where they wonder whether or not they’ve missed something.

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Short, but definitely to the point.

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Also why is she the one getting up, if he is already awake to eat?

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Truth bomb time.

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We can all agree that something needs to change.

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Man. I really hope OP gets some rest and her husband gets a wakeup call, y’all.

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