Is She Wrong for Leaving Her Girlfriend Behind When She Took Too Long to Get Ready? People Responded.

As someone who has dated people who took ABSOLUTELY FOREVER to get ready, I think I support this woman…

It can be infuriating!

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AITA for leaving my girlfriend behind because she was taking too long to get ready?

“I (f24) have a girlfriend “Hannah” (f26). We were friends in college and reconnected and have been dating for around 7 months.

A few days ago, it was my cousin’s wedding and everyone was allowed a plus-one, including myself. I asked Hannah in advance if she wanted to go with me and she agreed, she’s a huge social butterfly and loves big events.

The venue is around a 2 hour drive from my home so I made it clear to Hannah that we need to leave in plenty of time to not be late. The ceremony started at 2pm, so I said we should aim to leave a little after 11am to allow for traffic and stop on the way if we need to.

Hannah is super into makeup and hair, and she was taking a very long time to get ready. When 10:30am rolled around, I gently reminded Hannah that we need to leave soon in order to get there on time. She told me she was nearly done and not to worry.

10:50am rolls around and Hannah doesn’t look anywhere near ready. I tell her that we really need to leave soon and reminded her of what time it is. Hannah told me to chill and that she’s nearly ready.

Once it reached 11am, Hannah still wasn’t ready. I told her that we need to leave ASAP. Hannah told me to calm down and that she’s nearly ready, she wasn’t even dressed yet!!

I started getting panicky and told Hannah to please hurry up. Hannah got mad and said that she’s told me she’s nearly ready.

By the time it was 11:20am, Hannah STILL wasn’t ready.

I got really annoyed and told Hannah if she’s not ready in 10 minutes, I’m leaving without her. I don’t think she believed me: she just laughed and told me I’m being silly.

I ended up leaving without her because by 11:30 she was still in her pjs. I managed to get to the wedding on time and it was great. After the ceremony, I noticed that Hannah had been blowing up my phone.

I called her back and she immediately started screaming at me and said that I’m obsessed with being “ridiculously early to things” and said that I need to be more understanding and that if I waited 5 minutes she would’ve been ready. She said I’m a selfish jerk and need to evaluate my priorities. I wasn’t able to get any word in before Hannah hung up the phone.

Since then, Hannah has been ignoring me and I’m wondering if I was in the wrong.”

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