Is She Wrong for Refusing to Cook for Her Roommates? People Responded.

I’m soooooooo glad I don’t have roommates anymore.

Like most people, I lived with people when I was younger, but I can’t imagine doing it these days…and I definitely can’t imagine it if I was married.

But, as the saying goes, to each their own…

Read this story from a woman who took to AskReddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to see if the readers there think she was a jerk for not cooking for her roommates.

AITA because I won’t cook for roommates?

“About five months ago, I struck an agreement with my roommates.

My husband and I live with two other people, and we have a pretty small fridge, so there was never any room for anything in it, because there were always two households’ worth of ingredients stocked in it. Plus, it was getting pretty annoying having two sets of people “fight” (not really) over the same kitchen every day when it was time to cook dinner.

So I proposed a deal: everyone contribute into a communal dinner budget, and I would cook dinner for all four of us every day. I’m great at economising and cooking on a low budget, and not to toot my own horn or anything but cooking is a huge hobby of mine so I feel confident saying I’m not too shabby at that, either.

I like to cook a wide range of foods, which is something my husband loves. For example, Japanese-style ramen, Chinese braised pork over rice, Moroccan curry, shakshuka, pasta salad, grilled fish with roasted vegetables, and authentic Italian carbonara are all things that might show up on the dinner table when I cook.

Things went well for a while, but after a couple of months our roommates started making requests. That’s fine! Sometimes I would even ask for ideas on what to cook. But then the restrictions came. And came. And came. And just kept piling on. Now the list is:

no pasta

no curry

no rosemary

no thyme

no oregano

no provincial herbs

no olives

no asian noodles

no soy sauce

no oyster sauce

no peanut-based sauces

no chickpeas

no lamb

no pesto

no basmati rice

no pork belly

no sun-dried tomatoes

no szechuan pepper, or szechuan pepper oil

no vinegar

no balsamic

no couscous

no shrimp

no fennel

no garam masala

no sugar

low salt

I am sure there are plenty that I forgot but they would definitely be mentioned if I used.

I like to be adventurous when I cook and I just got really, really tired of being so limited. It honestly felt like I was being handed a new restriction every other day after a while. So I stopped cooking for them, and went back to only cooking for my husband and I.

But my roommates are pretty upset that I’m not cooking anymore. They have started hinting that they would like me to cook for them again and I just say no.

Am I the A**hole?”

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