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AITA For “stealing” my stepsister’s necklace?

“I am 19F and my step sister (SS) is 20. My dad married her mom (SM) when I was 16 and she was 17, they dated for 3 years before they got married. My mom d**d when I was 8.

My grandma had this beautiful necklace that has been in the family since they immigrated from Italy about ~3 generations ago. It was given to her by her mom and so on. My grandma passed a few years ago and so the necklace was given to my dad since she disowned his other siblings. So, all my life I was told that the necklace goes to the oldest child (usually the daughter) and given when they’re 20.

Well my SS turned 20 last week and one of the gifts that was given was obviously my grandma’s necklace from my dad. Not gonna lie I lost my sh**. My SM was all for it saying that it “unites” us as a family and it’s good to merge family traditions. I told her that merging family traditions applies to making cookies at Christmas, not giving away familial ties that’s not in her bloodline. My dad’s defense is that he’s “following” the rules, she’s the oldest and she turned 20 so she should have it.

My SS and I get on ok enough to have dinner together once a week but she loves material things, so obviously when a pretty diamond necklace gets put in her hand, she’ll d** before she lets go of it.

So 2 days ago before I left to study abroad, I went into my SS’s room while she was at a party and stole the necklace back. Now I’m in Germany and my phone has been blowing up from my dad, SS, and SM. They’re basically saying I’m a brat and I need to give the necklace back before I get disowned.


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