Is She Wrong for Telling Her Son “Good Job” After He Scribbled on His Dad’s Office Walls? People Responded.

That’s a good boy!

Well, on second thought…maybe this woman went too far when she praised her 3-year-old son.

Let’s check out her story and see if she went too far this time.

AITA for saying “good job” to my son after he scribbled on my husband’s home office walls?

“I’ve been painting a mural for my unborn baby’s nursery and my son (3M) has been watching and helping me do it.

He knows it’s a gift for his little brother and he wanted to do the same for his dad so he went into his home office and scribbled all over the walls while my mother-in-law was watching him.

When we saw what he had done, our son was really excited but I think my husband was in shock because he was just looking at the scribbles without saying anything. I told my son good job and that it looked really pretty but he needed to use paper next time instead after he said he made a present for his dad.

My husband never said anything in front of our son but when we were alone, he was upset that I said “good job” to him because he doesn’t think I should be praising him for vandalising his office.

I told him he just wanted to do something nice for him and we could have the office repainted or I could turn it into a mural if he wanted me to but he’s still upset at me for encouraging his behaviour and he keeps locking his office so our son can’t go inside again.


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