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AITA my new neighbors don’t like my honeysuckle?

“I don’t think I’m an A, but I am open to other Points Of View.

When my neighborhood was built, it pretty much ruined the natural flora and fauna. I’m no botanist, but existing farmland, trees cut down, all green gone, animals gone. The soil is useless hard clay. I h**e it, but It Is What It Is. Anyway.

My backyard is big, and I h**e lawns. I built a subsistence farm and converted front yard into clover. While the clover was not in direct violation of the HOA rules, it was frowned upon, by the concerned looks from neighbors and the cars slowing down by my house. I Don’t Really Care. Everyone violates rules here.

To try to mitigate some of the damage done, I do everything I can to attract pollinators, especially bees and birds. I planted a whole ton of honeysuckle. From training and soil fortification, it has taken off. The smell and the vines, the hummingbirds and the bees, listening to them when they come around are heaven for me.

Dear Husband and I are respectful, introverted neighbors. We only socialize if our kids force us to.

Old neighbors didn’t care. New neighbors (NNs) move in with two kids. About three months later, New Neighbor wife knocks at my door. She introduces herself and tells me all about her and her family (unsolicited, by the w). While talking, she looks at the honeysuckle draped over my porch.

New Neighbor wife, Out Of The Blue, “you know, New Neighbor husband could help your Dear Husband take all those vines down.”

What The Fudge? Me: “Why?”

New Neighbor wife “because it’s honeysuckle. Honeysuckle attracts bees.”

Me: “yes ma’am. I planted it for that reason. And the hummingbirds.” New Neighbor wife: “You want bees in your yard?”

Me: “Yes ma’am. And birds. They’re important for fertilizing this area. I’m pretty proud of the progress.”

Obviously everything I say from this point on is making her uncomfortable. But… my porch and my yard and she invited herself on it to talk to me like this.

New Neighbor wife: “Well, New Neighbor daughter is deathly allergic to bees. We have to travel everywhere with an Epi-pen. You have to stop attracting bees to your yard.”

Me: “Ma’am, I am sorry to hear about New Neighbor daughter’s situation, but no ma’am. The world is filled with bees, and wrecking the vegetation in my yard to possibly prevent bees from coming near here is futile.” Yep really said that.

New Neighbor wife stated that if New Neighbor daughter gets stung she could die and it’ll be my fault. New Neighbor wife tells me how having weeds in my lawn is unkempt and lazy and New Neighbor wife will be talking to the HOA to report me.

Me: “You’d best run on home fast before a bee starts chasing you.” Dear Husband thinks I could have been nicer, but To Be Fair, he doesn’t care about the clover or the honeysuckle. He does worry they could have a legal case against us should New Neighbor daughter get stung near our house. I have not talked to a lawyer, but surely I can’t be sued for not harnessing bees?

No fence, per the HOA. Maybe “Beware of bees” signs at the edge of our yard? Slightly concerned that New Neighbor wife may ‘help’ us trim the honeysuckle (nowhere near New Neighbor wife’s yard). Thank God I Work From Home and we have cameras all around. For What It’s Worth, New Neighbor wife’s house is about 300′ awayp.

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