Is This Person Wrong for Letting a Medical Condition Get Out of Hand to Prove a Point? People Shared Their Thoughts.

You know that things have to be pretty bad if you let any kind of medical condition go untreated just to prove a point to someone.

But that’s exactly what happened in this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit.

So read on and see if you think this person is acting like a Grade A Jerk.

AITA for letting my medical condition get out of hand to prove a point?

“I have a condition called impacted earwax, caused by swimmers ear.

For some reason, my whole life, it’s come back, and me having ears really sucks. Essentially, I have wayyy too much ear wax. I need to clean out my ears daily just so they aren’t in pain. They’re still uncomfortable, unfortunately.

Well, my older brother, Sebastian, has a fiancé, Tina, and they live in a room in our house that my mom rents to them. The other day, I guess Tina realized just how much I clean out my ears, and said, “you really shouldn’t have to clean them out that much, I feel like you’re probably over exaggerating a little just for attention.”

I told her I wasn’t, and she said, “Okay, well, I guess that your poor little ears are reason enough to waste money on q-tips so often.” I know it was petty, but I said, “okay, I’m gonna go for 2 weeks without cleaning my ears. And every day, you have to take a picture of the inside of each, and see what happens.”

And so her pact with the devil was made. We didn’t make it past 5 days before she said, “okay, you made your point, you a**.” My ears were leaking onto my shirt by that point, and the inside of my ears were on fire, because the ear drops I’m supposed to use were just sitting in a puddle of wax in my ears, not doing their job.

I thought it was funny, if not a little painful, but my brother and Tina thought it was petty and gross, and now they just call me the “waxy grubby creep.”

My mom said I did nothing wrong, aside from just being generally obnoxious, but Sebastian and Tina made it into a whole thing and took it way to seriously. AITA?”

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