Living by Yourself, and 11 Other Things You Should Do by Your 30th Birthday

Every person is different. We’re all on different paths, with differing destinations and speeds that vary almost as much as we do, but if you’re looking for a few bars to have met by the time you turn the big three-oh, well, there are worse things.

You don’t want to compare yourself to others necessarily, but listen…it’s never a bad idea to figure out where you fall on a sliding scale, right?

If you’re up for that, here are 12 milestones you probably want to have in your rearview mirror by your 30th birthday.

12. Learn a new skill.

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We’ve spent years needing to learn things for one reason or another, but now, you can learn something new just for yourself.

A language, a musical instrument, how to bake – pick what interests you, but choose something!

11. Take a trip by yourself.

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Being alone is such a fun thing to do, and it’s liberating to travel by yourself – do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and enjoy life.

10. Try talk therapy.

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You don’t have to be depressed or have experienced childhood trauma to benefit from therapy.

It can be preventative, for one, but it can also help you find and address your issues with yourself so you can root them out before they start to fester.

9. Learn to be okay with who you are.

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You’re not perfect. No one is, and there are surely things you love about yourself – and other things that aren’t the best.

If you can’t figure out how to be ok with the whole package, though, you’ll be unhappy and anxious for the rest of your days.

Be kind to yourself.

8. Be okay with sadness.

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Life is not full of only smiles, and the gamut of human emotion all have their place.

Learn how to navigate them all without falling in too deep.

7. Getting to know your parents.

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Now that you’re grown and on your own, it’s time to get to know your parents as human beings, not as the people in charge of you.

If you’ve got a good family you’re one of the lucky ones – make sure to take advantage.

6. Take care of yourself.

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Join a gym, eat your vegetables, and drink plenty of water – you’re an adult, now, and no one is going to take care of you but yourself.

5. Host a dinner party.

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It’s quite fun (and stressful) to plan a menu, go shopping, and cooking for a group of adult friends.

It shows you care, and it’s a nice way for everyone to connect.

4. Be selfish, and don’t apologize.

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Sometimes it’s fine for life to be all about you.

Buy yourself something, say no to a gathering and stay in bed all day – whatever you need to rejuvenate, do it.

And don’t apologize for putting yourself first.

3. Quit a job.

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You’re young still, and staying in a job you hate for any reason is a mistake.

2. Stop caring what other people think.

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This was one of the best days of my life.

Caring too much about what people think holds you back from expressing yourself and from growing into your full potential.

There are people whose opinions matter, but there shouldn’t be many.

1. Living alone.

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Being alone doesn’t have to be sad and lonely – if you’ve accomplished the other things on this list, you should enjoy yourself, your own company, and your own space enough to love the opportunity to just breathe at the end of the day.

I think I’m in the clear, just barely, but I’m not ready to look at the 40 list!

What do you think of these milestones? Tell us in the comments whether they’re spot on or total bollocks!