Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Turning Down Coffee That He Didn’t Like

I guess this guy is pretty passionate about his coffee, huh?

But did he act like a jerk when he refused a gift of coffee from his friend?

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AITA? I did not want bad coffee as a gift.

“My friend went to a foreign country outside of the United States in Europe and came back with gifts.

My friend knew I like coffee so he got me coffee that I know I won’t drink. It’s a dark roast and there’s no roast by date, which means it’s not fresh.

I gently put it back in the bag and politely told them why I don’t drink that kind of coffee.

Him and his friends said I was being ungrateful and rude and that I shouldn’t have thrown the coffee in the bag, which I didn’t.”

Here’s what Reddit users had to say.

This reader said he’s an a**hole and they’re also very snobby.

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This individual said he’s very rude…obviously.

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Another Reddit user made it clear: he’s an a**hole and not a very good friend.


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