Man Wants to Know if He’s Wrong for Not Letting His Wife Wash Their Dog in the Kitchen Sink

I really do love animals and I’ve loved every pet I’ve ever had, but I kinda understand NOT wanting to have a dog washed in your kitchen sink.

It’s kind of…unsanitary, don’t you think?

So is this guy an a**hole for refusing to let his wife wash their dog in the sink?

Let’s take a look…

AITA for not allowing my wife to wash the dog in the kitchen sink?

“So we have a 4 pound chihuahua.

We also have 4 full bathrooms in our house. We were discussing giving the dogs a bath and a walk.

My wife suggested that we can wash romeo in the kitchen sink because he is so small.

I said that’s disgusting because our dishes go into that sink and food related products.

She disagrees.

I said dude if I ask reddit you’re going to be roasted lol I will not wash a dog in the kitchen sink.


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This person said they can understand why he would act like this.

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And this individual agreed and said they understand why some people would be bugged by this.

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Another Reddit user said he’s NTA and his wife can use another one of the bathrooms.

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