Men Dish On What It’s Like To Not Want Kids And What People Think About Them

We’re talking more and more in society these days about how it’s okay for women not to want children – you know, to not have them on purpose. That said, there’s still a stigma there, and many childfree ladies deal with pushback from older relatives, friends, and even strangers on the street.

Did you know that men who make the decision not to have children face the same unwanted commentary?

According to these 11 men, they totally do – and here’s a sample of what it’s like.

11. It’s not your job to make them grandparents.

No matter what they think.

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10. People always have opinions.

And no, they don’t care whether or not you’ve asked for them.

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9. It could be the opposite.

Every person and their choices are different.

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8. When you know what you want (or don’t)…

Might as well as eliminate the chance for mistakes.

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7. Why is it their business?

I mean, I’m just asking.

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6. Who gets to decide that?

Having kids if you don’t want them is also pretty selfish.

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5. When you know you know.

But you probably should have discussed that before tying the knot.

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4. I don’t see how this is going to end well.

That seems like a pretty big hurdle.

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3. I’m so confused.

How does this even compute?

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2. I don’t love the wording…

But to each his own.

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1. Sounds like some communication errors.

You might want to think about that in the future.

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People honestly need to mind their own business, don’t you think?

Have you heard things like this if you’re an adult without children? Tell us in the comments how you handle it!