Men Get Real About What They Dislike About Being Guys

Life is hard…and that’s a fact, Jack!

And, yes, men have many advantages in this world, but things can still be tough for them.

Let’s hear from fellas on AskReddit about what they dislike about being men.

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Goin’ bald.

“People underestimate the physical comfort of having a full head of hair.

Everyone tells me I look great with a shaved head.

They’re not the ones who have to suffer with an exposed scalp.”

Under suspicion.

“Unintentionally scaring women and kids. Was sitting in my car waiting for my wife.

The owner of the car next to me came out to get into her car, saw me, and hurriedly jumped in her car and locked the doors. I was wondering why she was acting so scared…”

Get to work.

“The one thing I dislike on the whole is being framed as “a big strong man” in the context that means I’m about to be asked (read: told) to do grunt work.

Like. No. You aren’t flattering me or buttering me up as much as you seem to think you are.

Really anything that plays to “you’re a straight dude, so we’re going to play to your ego and/or innate love of cars, spots, and women as s** objects” just misses me and leaves me feeling insulted.”

Can’t figure it out.

“It’s a pet peeve of mine, but how a lot of girls expect guys to approach them, or impress them. Guys are expected to go up to girls to start a conversation, or ask them out. Why?

The Bumble dating app tried to reverse this by getting women to start conversations. All that did was get women to say “hey”, from my experience as a guy, if you reply with a “hey” back, they don’t reply anymore.

If a guy did that, I can tell you that the response would be split 50/50 (those that respond and those that don’t). But if a woman said “hey”, most guys will respond. Why? Because it feels good to be the one that gets the attention rather than having to give attention.”

Paranoid…for good reason.

“I h**e how uncomfortable I can sometimes make women when walking alone at night. Like sometimes you can just tell when they start walking faster and try to give you a wide berth.

I completely understand why, I don’t blame them. But it always makes me feel bad or like I should say something to ease the tension. But that’d probably make it worse. “Oh don’t worry I’m not going to a**ault you!””

You look great.

“The fact that I can’t pay women compliments about their hair, nails, perfume, clothes without it being interpreted as anything more than a compliment.

I don’t want to date you, just want to tell you you look nice today.”

Can’t be yourself.

“Not being allowed to be awkward, bashful, or shy in adulthood. It’s labeled as weird and creepy.

I’m also an attractive guy, so what someone looks like has nothing to do with this. It’s an expectation to be outgoing and whatever.”

No fun at all.

“Getting hit in the groin sucks.

Been hit a few times and it’s no fun.”

A thin line.

“The thin line between toxic masculinity and being too emotional.

You have to have an exact amount of emotional vulnerability in precisely the right circumstances or you fall into one of the above categories.”

Not in the mood.

“The assumption you are always in the mood for s**.

Sometimes I just don’t feel it and that should be good enough.”

Be strong.

“Constant pressure to be strong, to take care of everything. I cannot show emotion or weakness, because people will think less of me. I cannot have problems, cannot open up about them.

I cannot hold my daughters hand while walking down the street without getting weird looks. Cannot show love to my daughter in public. I cannot stress. I am supposed to carry everything on my shoulders, because I am a man. I cannot break. I am supposed to be stone-cold, never tired machine. I cannot cry, stress, be tired, show love.

I CAN’T DO ANYTHING!!! The only place I can be myself when I am alone. I can cry, I can be stressed, I can be tired of everything and be broken. I h**e that. It’s hard. Never in my life anyone prepared me for this. I’ve never known it will be this difficult. If not for my daughter, I would be dead already. I love her so much, I owe my life to her.”

Scared of you.

“I love children and I would love to babysit but people think it’s creepy that a man likes children but I don’t mean any s**ual intentions.

I just love them because they are innocent and their minds are so creative. I love playing with them because I’m still a child in my heart.”

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