Millennial Helps Older Boss and Co-Workers With Work Slang

Millennials may get a lot of grief from certain people out there, but I say they’re doing a great job!

Especially when it comes to helping out older folks with the slang that all the young whippersnappers are using these days.

A young worker posted a funny thread on Twitter where they shared how they assist their older co-workers with today’s lingo.

One fella wanted to know what “yeet” means…

And do people still say “hella” these days?

But this is a two-way street and this person admitted that they get help from their older co-workers, too.

Here’s another example of the older folks helping out Millennials.

And you know they needed to know how to get this point across.

People on Twitter loved the exchange and chimed in.

One persons shared a chart they use with their sister.

And this Tweeter had an experience where this mutual relationship really came in handy.

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