17+ People Reveal Their Most Irrational Pet Peeves

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We’ve all got our pet peeves – little things that really bother us even though they’re pretty harmless and not necessarily that annoying. For instance, my wife sometimes likes to tap her fingers on the headboard as we’re winding down for the evening. It’s just a light, repetitive tap but after a few minutes, it really drives me nuts. Just. Insane.

We asked people on Reddit about their pet peeves, and the answers did not disappoint!

1. Brutal honesty

My sister being too straight with her opinions. We are adults, but visit our parents pretty often. My sis has no problem telling my mom she doesn’t like the food my mom has made for us, carefully considering all my sister’s preferences. I don’t have that much money, but she still tells me that my presents for her suck. I do appreciate straight talk most of the time, but honestly, sometimes people should just say thank you and move on.

2. Butterfingers

When I bend over to pick something up off of the floor and then immediately drop it. Bonus points if I repeat myself.

3. Too slow

When you try to overtake someone going 10mph slower than the rest of traffic, then they speed up right when you get next to them. I know what’s happening is that they didn’t realize they were going so slow until someone had to pass them, but it feels like a personal slight.

4. How rude

When people in movies don’t say goodbye before hanging up the phone.

5. White noise

Small noises that I have no control over.

I cannot stand hearing the sound of people chewing their food. Once I notice it, it becomes all that I hear, and it drives me bananas. Also, slurping. Why can’t people just use gravity to their advantage, and pour the drink into their mouths?

6. Those monsters

When people hold a fork or spoon with their whole fist. I can’t stand it.

7. How DARE they?

When I meet another person who has the same name as me.

8. Feelin’ crumby

Crumbs in the butter. How hard is it to wipe your knife off between butter servings? I never have crumbs in my butter, but the moment family comes to visit, there it is. I know it is rude to correct them, but inside I am screaming each time they use my butter.

9. No food for you!

Any kind of noise that anyone makes while eating makes me want to get up and smack the food out of their hand.

10. Ugh, same

When people use words like “hubby, wifey, preggo, preggers”. Instant cringe.

11. Thanks, Capt. Obvious

Someone telling me to do something that I am CLEARLY about to do. I could be standing over the table with a damp dishrag in my hand literally descending towards the tabletop, and my mom would breeze by and say “Hey make sure you wipe off the table!”

Makes me angry that she puts her need to feel in control of every situation by issuing commands above the simple power of observation.

12. The worst

When people don’t return their shopping carts to the corral. It’s ten feet away. You just took more time sitting it on the curb than you would’ve had you simply returned it to the corral.

13. Time out

There are just some phrases in conversation that irk me to no end. I have one friend I know who whenever they have something to add to a conversation will interject and say “Time out, time out, time out” repeatedly until everyone else stops talking so his point can be made. Ugh.

14. Go faster!

I get unreasonably angry when I’m stuck behind someone who is walking slower than I want to be, especially if they make it really hard for me to go around them. I’ve taken to passive-aggressively shuffling my feet so they can hear that they are impeding me and hoping that they move over.

15. It’s not a barn

Not closing a drawer/cabinet door ALL THE WAY!!!

16. Out of balance

When almost – empty tubes of stuff like shower gel, shampoo just fall over. Hate it, hate the sound and hate that it always happens more than once to a tube because the stupid idiot is now out of balance from all the commotion.

17. 100% annoying

Florescent light tubes “humming” and flickering overhead in a classroom or office.

18. You wanna sit down?

People standing over my shoulder when I’m watching a video or movie. It’s different if we’re sharing the video. I mean when anyone walks up halfway through and decides to stand there til it ends. It’s the worst when I’m at my computer.

19. For real?!?

When people who’ve been in line for 10 minutes don’t know what they’re going to order and then fight with the cashier about the price.

20. Fancy a cuppa?

Possibly more of a British thing. I want to punch something every time someone says “Ooh, I make the best cup of tea” or words to that effect.

I hear this a lot, and I’m telling you, NO YOU DON’T. You make tea that is fine. Tea that is perfectly acceptable. Good tea indeed. But all regular tea, made from regular teabags, tastes pretty much the same. You make tea that you like, and that’s great, but shut UP about how good it is. It’s not a difficult task, nor a great accomplishment, to make an acceptable cup of tea.

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