Mountain Dew Fans, It’s Time To Lather Up

There are people who will drink a Mountain Dew if they see one, and then there are people who love Mountain Dew. It’s their drink of choice, and despite the fact that the electric yellow color alone turns many people off, they are not here for any of your criticisms.

If you’re one of the latter types, I have good (?) news – you can now buy yourself some soap that will (supposedly) let you smell like your favorite beverage all day long.

Image Credit: Etsy

It’s available from Etsy shop Earthly Good Goods in small batches, and they offer both Mountain Dew and Diet Mountain Dew scents.

The soaps are made from olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and yes, actual Mountain Dew pop (soda). They’re also colored green, blue, and red to remind you off the cans and bottles while you lather up – you know, for the full experience.

Image Credit: Etsy

Each is handmade and therefore a different size and color, but trust me, no one who’s bought one is complaining.

“My mom’s favorite soda is Mountain Dew and I’m sure she doesn’t even know a thing like this exists – it’s super cute and exactly what I was looking for! Looks just like the picture and smells great. Husband loves it too and can’t wait to use it.”

Earthly Good Goods has Star Seller status and consistent 5-star reviews.

Image Credit: Etsy

They ship on time and reply promptly to messages, so if you want to give this soap a try, it’s not likely that you’ll be disappointed.

The soaps are just $8.50 apiece and are designed to moisturize as well as cleanse, so go ahead and give them a try – you know you want to!