This Omaha Cafe Plans to Serve up Coffee…and Kitties

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Coffee and cats are great separately, but when you put them together? Forgetaboutit.

That’s what Felius, a new Omaha cafe, will be banking on, at least, when it opens its doors this coming spring. The nonprofit plans to be the area’s first “cat cafe,” coffeeshops that mix adoptable kitties with delightfully caffeinated beverages.

You won’t be able to cuddle the cats while you drink your coffee (presumably because health code violations abound), but a glass wall separating the two spaces will let people watch the cats climb, play, and show off their personalities to anyone looking for a new snuggle buddy at home.

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For the price of a small donation, you can go in and meet the cats face to furry face – and stay for as long as you’d like.

Owner Bre Phelan says her “mission is to revolutionize the cat adoption experience.”

Photo Credit: Facebook, Bre Phelan

She gets the cats from the Omaha Wags to Riches rescue group, and plans to have as many as 10 available to see, play with, and adopt at any one time. There are also plans for a pet food and supplies store called Wag to move into the building next door.

Felius is set to open in May, and you’ll be able to visit them at 522½ S. 24th St. If you’re in Omaha, go watch some cats while you drink your local Muglife Coffee, and let destiny take you where it will.

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