People Debate Whether They’d Rather Freezing Cold or Hot and Humid Weather

I have strong feelings about this topic and I’m gonna lay it out there for you.

When I was young, I absolutely LOVED the cold weather and the snow. I couldn’t wait for November to roll around and January and February were total bliss to me. And I lived in cold places (Illinois and Kansas).

BUT…now I’m a total crybaby about cold weather and I can barely handle it anymore…and I live in North Carolina, where we don’t even really get much of a winter to speak of.

I guess I’ve changed and I guess I’ve turned my back on my roots…

So where do you stand? Hot or cold?

AskReddit users weighed in on this divisive issue.

1. Crazy from the heat.

“I think I’m extra sensitive to heat or something and during those 90+ degree muggy days in the summer I literally walk outside and start sweating.

It’s miserable.

I much prefer freezing cold days where I just have to bundle up a lot to stay warm.”

2. I’ll take the cold!

“I hate the heat.

Don’t mind the cold.

You can always put on more layers but you can’t shed your skin.”

3. Awful summers.

“Summers are awful.

I burn easily, the humidity gives me a headache and I sweat like nothing else. I’m all around miserable.

Winters on the other hand I can tolerate so much more, since you can just bundle up and stay warm.”

4. Prefer the cold.

“I have dysautonomia which is a form of autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

Basically the things your body does you don’t have to think about (sweating, heart rate, blood pressure etc) gets messed up and that includes temperature regulation. Heat is the worst but cold is bad too. Though I prefer cold because I can avoid it.

If I get in my car during the summer I almost pass out every time til it cools off. Heat exhaustion effects me more quickly too.”

5. I agree!

“I always assume that people who prefer winter are people who don’t have to step their foot out the door at 6:45 am to go to work.

Or it’s just people that don’t have sh*t to do outside, so they speak out of their entitlement of just being able to stay indoors.

F*ck winter.”

6. Never again.

“I grew up in Minnesota, so I know winter. Winter sucks.

I spent one summer in Arizona, and it was miserable. Never again.

It’s -18 windchill outside right now and I’m happy to be back home”

7. Bring on the cold.

“I don’t LIKE the extreme cold, but I much prefer it to the heat.

Yes, I’m lucky enough to have suitable winter clothing and to be able to spend most of my time in heated indoor places, but those circumstances (or, their opposites) were true for me when I lived in the desert too.

So I’m comparing public transit commutes, errands, having to walk between buildings on large college campuses, outdoor home maintenance – anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes outdoors.

If I did not have a warm place to work or live and had to spend all of my time outdoors, I don’t know whether my opinion would change. Extreme heat and extreme cold can both be deadly.”

8. Sounds brutal.

“I work as a ironworker in Canada, building large buildings on the structural steel.

I don’t care how hot or muggy things get, there is nothing quite as hard and climbing out on a steel beam at 6:30am in minus 30 degree weather with the wild howling through you.

Give me all the sweat, I’ll take it.”

9. You could be right…

“I think everyone is a fall/sprint person. I’ve never once heard a person say, “d*mn I hate this 78 degree weather.””

10. Way too old for this.

“I live for the hot, humid summers while I’m currently freezing my *ss off in sub-zero temps here in Minnesota currently.

I used to make fun of the old snowbirds but now I get it!

I’m too old for this sh*t.”

11. Up north.

“I’m in Canada and it’s freaking freezing half the year.

I’ll take a hot summer day over this winter bullsh*t.”

12. Painful.

“Heat is miserable, yes.

You sweat, you’re tired, its uncomfortable, BUT cold f*cking hurts. I’ve never been outside in the heat so long I was in physical pain. I’d rather strip and be damp than wear five layers and still be miserably cold.

But that’s just me. Maybe that’s my own unpopular opinion.”

13. The hotter, the better.

“I wish it could be bright, sunny, warm summer all the time! The hotter the better.

I love having the windows open, fresh air flowing and fans on (no ac for me!) and driving with the windows down. Occasionally on super hot days will I run any type of ac. Or better yet hit the pool, creek or beach wherever I’m at to beat the heat. Even a nice jump in a cool shower for a few minutes.

It has to be real drastic like a heat wave advisory for me to run ac and even then it’s just a consideration depending how I’m feeling. I want to be outside doing stuff and going to the beach or on walks 24/7. I love being able to slip flip flops on and go, then kick them off whenever I get where I’m going and run around barefoot afterward.

I love living in shorts or skirts and a t shirt/tank top/sports bra and needing nothing more. Hate being bundled up and confined by layers and feeling weighed down and puffy. Winter makes me feel depressed, stifled and stuck indoors/stir crazy (I don’t do outdoor winter things and avoid leaving my house unless I have to. I hate the cold).

All I want to do is hibernate winter away so I don’t have to deal with the cold and snow because I despise it. Especially my poor hands and feet are always freezing even if I wear 5 pairs of socks.

I hate having to dig my car out of snow and waste gas running it to warm up too every day. I need to move to an island or something where it’s always warm hahah.”

Okay, now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us whether you’d rather deal with freezing cold weather or the hot and humid stuff.

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