People Discuss How They’d Spend $1 Million on Their Favorite Hobbies

Wow, this would be a tough proposition for me…

If I had to pick one hobby to spend $1 million on, what would it be?

Old hockey memorabilia? Old movie posters? Books? Records?

The possibilities are endless!

But it sure is fun to think about, isn’t it?

If you had to spend a million bucks on your favorite hobby, what would you buy?

Let’s check out what AskReddit users said about this!

1. Sounds like a plan.

“I’d buy some land and start planting cotton, bamboo, make linen, order silk, start making my own!

I’m allergic to most animal hair and it’s difficult to find any yarn without it! I’d also learn how to wind my own yarn and dye it as well!

I’m too excited about this idea…”

2. Nerd alert! But good for you!

“Brand new top end rig, new networking gear, A.V. set up, nice desk, decent office chair.

Maybe a new sofa should all fall under gaming, maybe a house to so you plenty of space for it too.”

3. There you go!

“With a million dollars I’m making my own car from scratch.

I’m thinking fully custom NA flat 12, around 6.0L, in a semi-monocoque chassis with CFRP panels and manual, 6 speed double clutch gearbox…

Designing the parts would be as much fun as building it and that would be as much fun as driving it.”

4. Wow.

“I have an affinity for fountain pens. Given that a Montblanc Geometry Solitaire Meisterstück is £1250 I could get a lot of nice pens for that amount.

The Fulgor Nocturnus pen was sold at auction for 8 million, so I could perhaps find something in between the Fulgor Nocturnus and a Meisterstück.”

5. I like this!

“I’d buy a house to store all my books.

Or build my own multilevel library with sliding ladders.”

6. Perfect!

“I like hiking and conservation.

So I would buy a bunch of land, a house and live there while I transform it into a more valuable ecosystem.”

7. And…action!


All the software I could never afford, the cameras, the studio, the actors and crew, the props and lights and…..jeez I would be in heaven.”

8. See you there!

“Cannabis farm in a recreational state with an on site home for my family of 3 humans and 4 animals.”

9. Good plan.

“I’m a woodworker.

I’d buy some cheap land way up North, get a bunch of durable hand tools, hire skilled craftsmen, and have them crank out free toys for children.

For only a million, I can’t give things to all children, so I’ll make a list of only the most needy and worthy.

Sometime when it’s the dead of winter, I’ll deliver those toys. I’m skipping 2020 though, seems to dangerous out there.”

10. Turn it up!

“I’m a musician.

I’d probably hire someone for marketing, make t-shirts, press some CDs, and book some high-quality recording sessions.

Oh, and definitely a new acoustic guitar, which I badly need.”

11. This old house.

“I like renovating 1970s houses.

So I guess 3/4 of a house in Toronto, or 50 houses in Detroit.

I think I’d have more fun in Detroit.”

12. Cycling.

“First I’d buy the best bicycle money can buy.

Titanium frame, custom cut to my exact measurements, and built with all the best components. That will “only’ set me back about $10,000. Then I’ll upgrade all my camping equipment with the best of the best. Again we’ll say $10,000 but that’s probably a large overestimation.

What would I do with the other $980,000? I’d load all that super fancy camping gear onto the bicycle and spend the next several years cycling all around the world. I’d fly to New Zealand first, and bike the whole length of both islands. Then Australia.

I’d ride from southeast Asia to England, somehow working in a detour down to Africa. Then from Alaska all the way to the southern tip of South America (I’ve already booked across most of the Continental US, so I’m ok with flying over that this time).

All along the way, that million dollars would be buying my food, paying visa fees and airline tickets between continents. Traveling by bicycle is a relatively cheap way of traveling, at least when you’re camping instead of just cycling from one hotel to the next.

A million bucks would be enough to ride around the world several times over, even while treating myself to the occasional hotel along the way.”

13. A writer’s life.

“My hobby is writing.

The writing part is cheap. I can do it on a Chromebook using Google Docs. I even published a novel spending about $300. (Mostly book cover design and copies to give/sell to people.)

However, after this part is where things get expensive. Once you’ve published a book, you need to convince people to read it. There are so many books on Amazon and I’m an unknown writer so even if someone happens to stumble upon my book they won’t know why they should read it.

Trust me, virtually nobody will stumble upon your book, buy it, read it, and tell a hundred friends to do the same.

In addition, my first book was looked over by some friends/family as beta readers for free. (Well, I gave them a copy of my book, but it was still cheap.)

The problem I ran into for the sequel was that I needed people who had read Book 1 so they could critique Book 2. Given so few people read the first book, it proved a difficult task and that book remains unpublished.

Going back to the question, I’d give part of the money to a professional editor to critique my book as many times as needed until it was perfect. Then, I’d pay a great artist to design an eye catching cover (instead of the inexpensive bare bones cover my first book had).

Next, I’d hire someone to promote my book(s) far and wide. Finally, I’d pay someone to professionally record an audiobook version of my novel(s).

Of course, all of this would probably cost about $10,000. (This is off the top of my head estimate.) A lot of money for me right now, but a drop in the million dollar bucket. The million dollars would be enough to help me with 100 books.”

14. I’m assuming this is for Dungeons and Dragons.

“Forget about leather bound special editions of all sourcebooks, expensive dice (rare materials, custom made, electronic, weird shapes, etc), and hand-painted miniatures for days. That’s just getting started.

We’re going to build an immersive experience.

First, the play area: build a beach house with 6 rooms for the players, 4 bathrooms (2 up, 2 down), a full kitchen, den, back deck over the water, and our gaming Dungeon.

The Dungeon: Glass display cases for figurines w/fantasy motif woodwork. Bookshelves for source and splat books and character creation materials. Leather sectional with a flat screen for character creation and breaks. A wet bar, because we’re civilized adults. The Gaming Table. And The Wardrobe. Custom AV system.

The wardrobe: a walk-in closet with props like fake shoulder parrots, rapiers, and staves for players and outfit accessories like wide leather belts, scarves, and hats.

Custom AV: preset surround sound and light settings all controlled from the DM’s laptop for at-the-fingers control of background sounds, music, and mood lighting.

The Gaming Table: Seats 8. Each rolling leather office chair will have its own included upper shelf for dice, pencils, etc and a lower shelf for tablet, character sheets, etc, their own built-in dice tower, a fold out drink holder for our pewter dragon goblets.

2 charging ports for devices both usb and regular outlets. And, the selling point: built-in touchscreen laptops connected to the DM’s LAN network for private messaging the DM and for distribution of visual aids.

The tabletop: 3d printed modal mix-and-match, magnetic dungeon pieces integrated with the table’s magnets.”

Now it’s your turn!

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