People Discuss the Industries They Hope Don’t Exist Ten Years From Now

Let’s be honest: there are quite a few industries out there that are totally WHACK…and that should be illegal based on the way they are run.

And, with that, it’s time to hear from AskReddit users about the industries they hope don’t exist ten years from now.

Let’s take a look!


“Ticketmaster is the worst, and secondhand sites like StubHub aren’t far behind.

My wife is pregnant so we couldn’t do standing room only. I just wanted to sell my tickets for what I paid – $350 (which of course included exorbitant ticketmaster fees). Except StubHub takes another $35 cut from me, so I’d only get $315 if they sold.

And the buyer has to pay another $100 in fees. So they end up paying $450 and StubHub walks away with $135 in fees just for being the middle man for 2 tickets! That’s a 30% cut! Meanwhile Facebook and Craigslist are riddled with scams, so sites like StubHub are really the only safe choice for many buyers and sellers…”


“I found a “mommy influencer” who was making monetized content off a newborn she was fostering!

I was so disgusted and was happy to hear that reunification with the birth mother happened only to find out that the “influencer” was still making monetized content about the foster baby even after she no longer had the child!”


“Payday loans.

It should be illegal to entrap someone in a cycle of debt that they cannot get out of. If you already can’t afford to wait for a paycheck, then having to make payments against it, is inherently going to be a cyclical arrangement, in which a loan is paid off and then immediately retaken to cover expenses.

Sure, there could be one-off instances, but that seems like it would be a rarity.”


“Custody battle legal system.

Each side can spend half a million, easy, and get the same result as arbitration. The only difference is that each side is now poor, and both their lawyers are rich.

With each side’ attorneys goading their clients to push for unreasonable demands, thereby prolonging the legal bills.”

The diamond game.

“The natural diamond industry, we can literally grow them in labs sustainably and to the same quality.

But there will probably always be people who want natural diamonds sourced unethically.”

Destroying lives.


Massive issue in Ireland and the UK, betting shops everywhere, I’m sure its the same in other countries, destroys lives.

Can’t go anywhere or watch any sport without having it shoved down your throat.”



Industrial, commercial mass production of dogs with horrifically poor care. These are the dogs that are sold in pet stores (yes, literally every pet store selling puppies comes from mills, no exceptions beyond stores that host adoption events).

Also online brokers like puppy spot, greenfield puppies, pawrade, puppies.com, pet city pet shops, Lancaster puppies, Crockett doodles, etc.”

That sounds nice.

“Companies like TurboTax.

The government needs to start doing taxes in the United States.”

Uh oh…


My wife and I are currently helping our son out of a pinch. He drives for a merchandising company and had to call and reserve a hotel room for last night. He then told us he was able to score a special $199.99 offer for 3-nights in Myrtle Beach this summer.

My wife and I looked at each other and knew right away what occurred. Sure enough, he got the confirmation email and the fine print indicates he has to sit through a sales presentation.

We immediately had him call his bank to cancel and dispute the charges, which are currently pending. He was upset for being so naive and stupid, because at no time did they tell him he would have to sit through a sales presentation.”

What a pain.

“The HOA industry.

Real estate interests that build, promote, manage, and create endless lawsuits involving owners of properties in homeowners associations, to include planned communities, condominiums, and housing co-ops.”

Sounds awful.

“Children’s pageants.

It’s horrible, the kids are made to stay awake as their parents pour energy drinks and soda down their throats, squeezed into costumes that (several are definitely not ok for kids) and it really truly feels like the mom just exacting her dreams by using her kid as a play thing.

There are several videos on YouTube that display this and it’s horrible, but my mom actually had a friend growing up that was forced into it by her mother her whole life.

She even became Miss Utah, what you don’t see is her mental health as she was basically a**sed to stay as skinny as possible, and she fell down a spiral of a life of drugs, broken forever.”

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