People Discuss Things That Are Technically Legal but That Creep Them Out

We live in a complicated world

And that goes double for the legal system.

Things that a lot of us think should be illegal are perfectly legal, and vice versa.

And today we’re going to get opinions from AskReddit users about things that are legal that they think are pretty disgusting.

Take a look…


“I live in Washington state I would say child marriages, which are still legal here as we have no minimum age.

A 50 yr old can marry a 12 year old.”


“Payday lending.

Kind of a cabal of evil built around exploiting and enslaving the poor.”

Messed up stuff.

“Deliberately breeding defects in to dogs to make designer dog breeds.

Pugs are a prime example, these poor dogs can’t breathe and have myriad of other health issues.

It’s sickening because these issues were created by breeders because people wanted a “cute” dog.”


“Declawing cats, at least still where I’m at.

Thankfully becoming less legal around the world.”

Big money.

“That multi-million dollar churches, with millionaire preachers are allowed to continue to practice tax free and also at the same time allowed to have lobby groups and make heavy donations towards elections.”


“Doing less work as I get promoted while making more and told to just let someone else handle the lower end work which was overwhelming them.

Sorry I can’t just watch someone struggle.”

Grossed out.

“Old dudes, young (legal) chicks.

Buddy of mine was trying to show me pictures on Facebook of the daughter of a girl we went to high school with. I’m 41 years old, didn’t care to see it. Dude got offended and then got really offended when none of the other 10 guys in the cabin wanted to see it either.

There was just a creepy gross vibe to it. I said, bro you’re 40 years old, it’s weird that your on a high school girls Facebook. He said, she’s 18 so who cares? I said, me, I care. It’s f**king weird.”



Most other icky things have been covered, so I’m gonna say Scientology.”

Family ties.

“First cousin marriages.

Legal in my state but, ICK–a first cousin is just a tiny step away from a sibling.”

Off to jail you go!

“Someone taking a full cart of groceries into the Express 10 items or less lane.

Grocery store jail with no bail!”


“Dialysis companies are disgusting and evil.

Rationing care and rarely telling patients that qualify or are eligible for kidney transplants.

They make money on treatments not curing people.”

Bad business.

“At-will employment.

Employers can fire you just because they don’t LIKE you, and they aren’t legally obligated to give a legitimate reason for firing you.

They can also make up some bulls**t excuse to fire you that SOUNDS legit. Thank god my current job has a union.”

Time for legislation.

“Private ownership of pristine natural areas.

75% of endangered plants in the U.S. occur on privately owned land.

There needs to be some legislation for conservation!”

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