People Discuss What the Tumultuous Year of 2020 Has Taught Them

This year went off the rails in so many different ways, that I can’t even remember all the crazy things that happened since January 1, 2020.

And I don’t think we need to list them here either…but we can all agree that this was a monumental year like no other in history.

People on AskReddit opened up about what they’ve learned in 2020.

1. Ugghhhh.

“I learned that if zombies were real people would refuse to believe it.

And if they got infected they would not go get treated because it’s my body, my choice.”

2. Sure seems like it.

“When you think it can’t get worse, it definitely can.”

3. Be careful.

“It CAN happen to you.

I had a tumor and had COVID a few months after surgery for removal of my tumor in my parotid gland. I never thought either of those things would happen to me..a young healthy person.

But they did.. I survived and I am grateful for everyday!!!”

4. That’s too bad.

“My friendships cannot survive a pandemic.

Even 30 year ones.”

5. It’s over.

“I’ve realized I don’t WANT my friendships to survive.

Although the pandemic has played a role, I’ve realized that my friends absolutely don’t try. Over the past three years, I’ve always made excuses for it, but I’m tired of doing that.

I blocked/muted them on my social media accounts a few weeks ago and I’m no longer so anxious and worrying about our friendship and why I never hear from them.”

6. A good thing.

“My job can absolutely be done from home.

And honestly, I work harder and more efficiently like this, anyway.”

7. Gets old.

“Video games are fun, but not when its the only thing you can do.”

8. Patience.

“The thing I learned that is most beneficial to me, was certainly to be patient. At the start of the year, I wanted everything asap, I thought Covid would be done in months.

Now the idea of waiting a year, or even 3 is not that terrible anymore. It has given me a lot of peace, I feel less stressed about everything.

I still got at least 30 years to live, maybe as much as 60, I have enough time for whatever I want to do. I will still have enough time in a decade.”

9. Do your part!

“It’s one massive group project.

I know I’m doing my part right but the rest of the group is messing it up for me.”

10. Take a break.

“It’s healthy to disconnect from news and media.

We are not wired to feel horrible all the time, even when bad things are happening we don’t have to constantly feel angry or sad about it.

It’s more humane to find peace and things worth striving for than to exist in an unending paralysis of sympathy and guilt.”

11. Gettin’ busy in the kitchen.

“How to bake amazing sourdough bread & pastry at home! And cooking in general, which I never took interest in before.

The YouTube cooking community is absolutely amazing. Check out Alex the French Guy, Joshua Weissman, Binging with Babish & Bread by Joy Ride Coffee.”

12. Sad, but true.

“I realized a sizable chunk of America could be talked into supporting a genocide if enough articles supporting it showed up on their FB feed.”

13. Oh, come on!

“That my teachers can‘t use computers.

Seriously how hard can it be to send an email with exercises?”

14. Very true.

“I feel it exposed the friendships of convenience.

The people you hang out with to do mostly an event like board games, or watching sports, or exercise or whatever. I don’t think those friendships are bad friendships they just are what they are.

I haven’t talked to much of board game group in months, but I know I’ll see them once we can meet up in groups again.”

How about you?

What has 2020 taught you?

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