People Fell for These Satirical Headlines… Because of Course They Did

I still remember the first time I ever saw The Onion.

I was over at a friend’s house in college in the late 1990s and he actually had a subscription to the satirical newspaper that he had mailed to him. And, of course, I immediately thought it was totally hilarious.

And when I moved to Chicago after college and The Onion was in newsstands for FREE? That was really awesome.

The publication is still going strong and, as you can imagine, people are still falling for their hilarious headlines and believing that they’re true after all these years.

Let’s take a look at some hilarious examples!

1. Some Brit fell HARD for this one.

I guess Boris Johnson isn’t too popular?

How can you seriously think this is real
byu/leakee2 inAteTheOnion

2. Make sure to burn your Beanie Babies in the backyard.

This is actually my worst nightmare.

3. He just loves his kids so much…

I think he deserves to be Father of the Year!

Eye enlargement surgery
by inAteTheOnion

4. We have some geniuses arguing in the comments.

Who will win this discussion?!?!

Defender of truth
byu/dubleayey inAteTheOnion

5. This doesn’t seem like a very good idea…

But it just might work!

I’ve found my first in a while. Be careful on the roads!!
byu/LilKing-Trashmouth inAteTheOnion

6. That number seems like it might be a little bit high.

But who needs Math?

“But this.. this was us”
byu/BlakeBOATles inAteTheOnion

7. This is kind of amazing.

Read the name VERY SLOWLY…

You’d think the name would’ve given it away
byu/paddycull9 inAteTheOnion

8. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to give this up.

It’s a big part of my life during the summer months!

Go blow your noodle
byu/Ghst_Of_Perdition inAteTheOnion

9. Time to serve up the humans.

Do you think it really tastes like chicken?

Finally saw one in the wild.
byu/Woodedtowns inAteTheOnion

10. That darn liberal media!

I’m tired of all their antics!

Version 1 got taken down for showing his information, here’s a safe version
by inAteTheOnion

11. Whoops! Sorry about that.

Come on, FEMA!

I finally found one
byu/Gudetama100 inAteTheOnion

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about people YOU know who tend to fall for satirical headlines and news stories.

Let’s put them on blast! But remember to be gentle, okay? Thanks!