These People Thought Satirical Headlines Were Real and It Is Quite Hilarious

We live in a world of instant gratification and I personally believe that can be a double-edged sword.

On one hand, we’re able to access pretty much anything and everything we could ever imagine: information, videos, music, products, etc.

On the other hand, people have become pretty lazy and they don’t take the time to do 5 seconds of research about a topic that is presented to them…and that’s why satire sites are always going to flourish!

And we’re thankful for that!

These people all fell HARD for satirical headlines on sites like The Onion. Prepare to laugh and roll your eyes at the same time.

1. Sea World is at it again!

I think it’s time for a boycott…

One of the many reasons to hate sea world .. from AteTheOnion

2. “Deformed freak.” Hahahaha.

Someone didn’t find this funny…at all…

Wait, girls don’t have penises? from AteTheOnion

3. This is biased reporting.

And I’m tired of it!

The Onion’s bias is showing again from AteTheOnion

4. Someone is all fired up about this one.

More fake news!

Damn Liberals and their fake news about the sun! It’s ruining the taste of my Onion! from AteTheOnion

5. I do not support this one bit.

It’s a real shame…

Big Bollocks from AteTheOnion

6. Hahahaha. This is amazing.

Isn’t that a little bit young…?

Please tell me I’ve finally found one from AteTheOnion

7. Well, that was nice of them!

Don’t ask questions about where they came from…

Free Kidneys from AteTheOnion

8. This person who commented is DONE.

I’ll take a gold syringe if there are any more available.

I’m done. from AteTheOnion

9. This person seems like a real sweetheart.

Actually…never mind…

What a lovely comment on Christmas from AteTheOnion

10. The vegans strike again!

They’re slowly taking over the world…

dont worry I told her it was satire from AteTheOnion

11. I’m fed up with Starbucks and their Satanism!

It’s time to take a stand…

Poor Christians. Don’t know what hit them from AteTheOnion

12. It’s all true!

Trust us on this one!

Bunch of morons! from AteTheOnion

Those are great!

Do you know any people who fall for fake headlines like these?

Please tell us about them in the comments and provide some examples if you got ’em. Thanks in advance!