People Open up About the Ways They Deal With Being Depressed

Even the strongest people among us deal with depression on some level.

It’s part of the human condition and we all have to figure out ways to deal with it so it doesn’t end up controlling our lives. And, of course, every person out there is wired differently.

How do you deal with your depression?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Gratitude.

“A few years ago I was really sick, and in fact, dying. I was horribly depressed, had written and rewritten wills, saw no way out.

Then someone tagged me in one of those fb challenges, and this time it was about Gratitude. I started listing three things I was grateful for each day. The days turned into months as I found my way out of the hole I was in by lighting the way with being grateful.

Each time I found Gratitude, I found Joy. Each time I found Joy, I had another reason to live. Sometimes I was just listing things like, ‘I am breathing’…or ‘ I woke today’, but others, it was hard to just say three things. By being Grateful first each day, I was able to start in a positive space.

It worked. It turned out I had more reasons to live than to die. It’s now a habit, and the word Grateful is part of my daily vocabulary.”

2. Some good ideas.

“1. I bake a cake and share it with neighbors. Its soul food …

2. I´ m looking for whats new on “bored panda“. Seeing so much creativity makes me happy and gives me new inspirations

3. I take care for someone who could use some help or attention, like calling somebody, who lives alone, giving some money to someone, saying something nice to somebody

4. I read the meditations (self reflections) of Marcus Aurelius. It clears up my mind like having some clear fresh water from a source. You can search for “best quotes” of him and find them in a minute …

5. I am writing down just one litte detail that is “good” and/or “new” in my life, every day, for a while.”

3. Let the water flow.

“I take a shower, turn up the water either super hot or super cold, and I lay down in the bathtub with the water coming down on me like rain.

It is very relaxing and depressing at the same time.”

4. A great escape.

“Books. I find some good books and immerse myself in it.

You just have to find the right theme that works for you. Mostly adventure-fantasy, historical fiction and comedy does it for me.

Oh and some really really good music in the background.”

5. Smile and laugh.

“I smile and I laugh.

This is how I cope with my anxiety as well, so people think I am blowing them off if we are in a serious conversation and I start laughing.

I’m not trying to do that, I am just extremely anxious.”

6. Keeping busy.

“I build and paint small scale Airfix model kits.

It’s really good at focusing the mind and prevents it from wandering.

It’s only one thing I do in the endless war but it wins me a few battles along the way.”

7. Get some Zzzzzzzs.

“I go to bed.

When I’m asleep, I don’t have to listen to my head anymore.”

8. Works for you.

“Brrrowing into a mountain of blankets and pillows on a really high mattress with popcorn, nutella sandwiches, and my homemade Coco mix by my side while watching Doctor Who with all the lights off and hugging my giant panda bear plushie.

This is how I cope with life.”

9. Books are good.

“The Moomin books from Tove Jansson.

Those books never fail me. Also, the 90’s anime series. I suggest them for everyone suffering from depression.

They help.”

10. Doing your best.

“Usually giving a huge hug to my dog, going to the beach or into the forest and trying to take in nature to forget about my troubles for a little bit.

Or I cook a comforting meal with my wife and just talk it over with her.”

11. ODAAT.

“”One day at a time & One thing at a time.”

I don’t drink alcohol ( 20 months sober ) or do drugs as it’ll make it worse. I don’t smoke pot as it makes me lazy and more so a downer also gives me more crazy thoughts ( paranoia & magical thinking).

I eat healthy and run/ jog 40-55 mins a day 5 or 6 days a week. Ill do an hour plus bike ride too a few times a week instead of the jog. Exercise helps. Little things help too.. Like dishes, cleaning, anything… Making your bed, ECT. Goals help, little things to look forward to also baby steps.

I have a lot of mental stuff going on I need help with but can’t get on insurance so I figure out things on my own. I’ve came a long way with sobriety and drastic weight loss and keeping my place clean and tidy along with paying off debt ( credit cards. ) I take Sam-e as an antidepressant.

Its the only thing really I have access to outside St Johns Wort. I like Sam-e better. .. Also stress, manage the stress in your life. Stress makes my BPD out of control which leads to major anxiety, insecurities also depression. Maybe try to meditate or CBT/ DBT therapy. They make apps, self help books as well as You Tube videos.

And remember nobody is perfect, your not alone and hang in there and one little step at a time.”

12. Put it in perspective.

“I have existential angst. This means I worry about things completely and utterly out of my control. This leads to depression.

What I do when this feeling butts its head is read things that make me happy. When I am feeling down, I always read about people having a worse day than me, because it puts my issues into perspective. If that does not work, I embroider while listening to an audiobook.

By surrounding myself with things that make me happy, I can dig myself out of the pit of despair.”

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