People Open Up About Why They Were Bullied And Share Their Stories

Did you ever have a bully growing up?

I did…and it was not fun.

And I still don’t even know why I was singled out by this total psycho…kids are strange, huh?

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about why they were bullied as kids.

Didn’t know as much then.

“Being a little girl with undiagnosed autism in the 1990s was an adventure in social awkwardness. I learned how to interact with my peers by observing their interactions and then mimicking those behaviors in future interactions.

Except I wasn’t very good at figuring out which behavior belonged with which situation. So then my teachers would just say I was bringing the bullying on myself. Which I was. Now that I’m a teacher myself, I try to look out especially for those kids so ever don’t have to go through quite as much of the same sh**ty learning curve.”


“Eczema on my face.

I had to wear white cotton gloves to school, and one time a teacher threw away my art project because she didn’t want me to “infect” the other kids.”


“Being a girl with no b**bs and late development.

Always “are you sure you’re not a boy?” Because also my parents kept my hair short as a girl.”


“For being quiet.

My high school class added a new category to the yearbook, specifically to bully me: “quietest student.””

Can’t figure it out.

“To this day, I really don’t know.

Something happened in the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade that made a bunch of people decide that they didn’t like me anymore, including my best friend. I only had two friends left until my family moved away in the middle of 7th grade.

Bullies would follow me home most days and my mom finally had to verbally super-saiyan a few parents down the street to get them to take it down a notch. I finally asked one of them what I ever did to them, and they said “You were born.” How do you even respond to that statement. I just got a sharp pang after seeing that phrase again.”

Turned against you.

“My whole group turned against me, led by f**king Caryn Swartz.

No friends, complete isolation for no reason other than they could. The trauma never left me. It took 3 years to find a few new friends. FF to my grandchild’s pre school.

Yep, her teacher was the now matronly unattractive Caryn Swartz. She asked my son to have me come visit. I told him to say I didn’t remember her.

I’m certain she had no memory of her cruelty, and as sad as it might seem at my now advanced age, I hope life f**ked her up.”

The smell.

“Got called to the nurse because “students and teachers are noticing the smell of ci**rettes” and they made me change my clothes.

Guys it’s not my fault my mom s**kes 2 packs a day did you really have to traumatize me?”

The poor kid.

“Being poor and “dressing poor”.

I don’t think I understood what that meant but I knew it had something to do with my older sisters worn out hand me down clothes that I actually liked.”


“Being easy to walk over.

I had a really hard time asserting myself… so being “too nice.”

But really, just very insecure.”

You showed them.

“As a black kid, in a predominantly black area:

Wearing glasses and having braces

Being fat

Being nice

Being smart

Liking Anime

Wanting to be a Pilot (influenced by the Anime I liked the most)

But guess what?

I’m a f**king Pilot now.”


“I was bullied by grown adults just as often as other kids for being a redhead.

Often, people would assume I was up to something or talking back/being bratty, and I probably was, but adults always noticed me first and punished me more harshly than the other kids I thought.”

Felt like you deserved it.

“My mother was an animal hoarder, so even when I would my own laundry, I could never get the smell out, to the point where I was dunking my clothes in bleach to try and “clean” them.

I was also rather unwell, physically and mentally, and my mother lied so I ended up with a worthless IEP and no accommodations.

I was an a**hole back then because I had no social interwctions other than my stepfather with anger issues, or my addict mother.

I deserved the h**e I got, and I make a point of not being in contact with people from my high school to spare them the misery of me.”

Were you bullied?

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