People Reveal the Things They’ve Learned From Parents’ Relationships

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It’s funny the things we learn from our parents. They try to teach us lessons explicitly, of course, with varying degrees of success, but a lot of what we learn – and this is not realized until adulthood – comes more from just watching them.

Whether leading by example or providing a class in what-not-to-do, our parents show us more about the world than they maybe even intend to just by living their lives.

Here are a few things these anonymous folks learned from their own parents.

10. Compromise and communication

You gotta have both if you wanna stay together.

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9. Open and honest

Secrets and bitterness do not make for a happy home.

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8. Give and take

But you can’t take if you haven’t given.

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7. No whining

Surprisingly, this does not actually fix anything.

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6. The end is the end

Better to move on with you life and find fulfillment somewhere.

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5. Adults aren’t adults

They’re kids in grown up clothing.

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4. Keep your values

Without them, you have very little.

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3. Be a team

And play like one.

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2. Go ahead and argue

And keep in mind that an argument does not need to turn into a fight.

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1. Don’t try to fix it

If it’s gone, let it go.

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I’d say those are all pretty sensible lessons. Here’s to our parents – thanks for everything.

What have you learned from your own folks?

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