People Reveal Why They Were Asked To Leave Places And Never Come Back

Have you ever been banned from a place?

Maybe a restaurant, a bar, or some other kind of business?

Well, if you’ve never been bestowed with such an honor, you can live vicariously through these troublemakers.

Let’s check out some stories about mischief!

1. Florida.

“Back in the late 1980s, I was in the Florida Keys with a group of friends.

I got d**nk and went to bed and some of the guys went out bar hopping. The next morning a deputy sheriff showed up at the place we were renting, told us to pack our things and he would escort us to the county line and we were not to come back.

So not only did I get banned from an entire Florida county, I never did get a straight story about what the guys who were at the bar did to get us banned.”

2. Banned for life.

“My friend and I were “Banned for Life” from a Casino in Las Vegas 20 something years ago. We had gone for his 21st birthday which was the week prior. Despite being of legal age he looked appropriately 12.

After being carded by a cocktail waitress for the 700th time, she recommended he go to the security desk, show his ID, and get a stamp on his hand showing he was 21, that way he wouldn’t have to keep pulling out his license. Great. We go to security, they stamp my hand in 2 seconds, but start examining his ID real closely.

They pull out the guidebook for all of the State’s driver’s licenses. They call over a supervisor. Finally they just say “No, sorry, this is fake. It says Under 21 on it.” My friend at first calmly tried to explain that he turned 21 the week before, and was Under 21 when he got the license, which is why it was on there. He lived in one state, was going to college in another, and hadn’t gone home to renew his license yet, but it wasn’t expired so it was valid.

They said “This is a private establishment, we’re not comfortable with it, and we’re asking you to leave.” Now he had a bad temper, which I knew, and he had been drinking. I tried to diffuse the situation and said “Hey, f**k this place. There’s 100 casinos on the strip. Let’s go somewhere else.”

He agreed and we headed for the door. 10 feet from the exit I hear “F**k it, I’m giving that a**hole a piece of my mind.” Five minutes later we were escorted to a room off the floor, had our pictures taken, and were told we were banned for life, and if we ever returned we would be charged with trespassing.

I haven’t been back to Vegas since that, but if I do I’d like to walk in to test their facial recognition software.”

3. Just slap it.

“Got banned from a local KMart about 25 yrs ago for figuring out that if you just slapped the handle on the old twist turn candy dispensers that took a quarter it would just give you free candy…

Yeah they call that stealing. Took my photo and everything.”

4. Get out!

“I got banned from the local orthodontist because during an appointment my mom asked the doctor why her degree was from the US (we live in France).

She was genuinely curious and just wanted to talk but for some reason the doctor took it really badly, he insulted my mom while I had the cheek retractor in my mouth and left the room.

Fortunately it was my penultimate appointment, and on the last one he was really agressive and told us to never come back and go see someone else for my siblings.”

5. Safety issue.

“I used to work at a sushi restaurant.

I got fired/banned because I told the manager that some of the food smelled like it was expired and maybe we should throw it out.

Next thing I know, she’s giving me my check and kicking me out.”

6. You went too far.

“My girlfriend was banned from a bar for ordering a “four horsemen”. But the bartender gave her four separate shots.

When my girlfriend complained and started telling her how its made, the bartender got offended and was like “I’m the bartender, shut up and pay”.

It became I giant argument that lead up to the bartender throwing one of the shots at my girlfriend, so my girlfriend threw one back.

Once my girlfriend threw it she was kicked out and banned for life.”

7. Bad business.

“Went to a bar that had newly opened with friends. Ordered some drinks, cocktails ect. They took FOREVER to make it and after an hour we STILL didn’t have all the ordered drinks and some of the ones we did get were wrong. So we wanted to leave and requested the bill.

They gave us the full bill, like they wanted us to pay even for the things we never got simply because we ordered them. And of course they expected a generous tip. We argued we would not pay for drinks we never got. They called us liars and a**holes, threatened to call the police and that from now on we were banned from that establishment.

We told him we didn’t mind and to go ahead and call the police. When he went into his bureau to call we quickly calculated what we owed, slapped the money on the table and got the hell out of there. They went out of business after like half a year and had to sell the bar. The new owner is okay.”

8. Oops!

“I was banned from a bar because I’m clumsy. Keep in mind I was the DD for my friend group, and seriously had not had a drop of alcohol the entire night.

I was sitting at the front with some friends listening to karaoke guy when these two girls sat at our table. I leaned forward on the table to say hi, and the table tipped over. Sending two beers crashing to the floor. Bouncer came over mad, “DO YOU HAVE AN OPEN TAB! SIT DOWN I DON’T NEED YOU FALLING!”, why would I fall? No tab, because I have drank anything.

“OH so you saying your not drunk!” Ummmm.. yeah I’m just clumsy. He goes and talks to the bartender, who then complained about something my friend did but confirmed I wasn’t drinking. Was still asked to never come back because I “made a scene”

Despite drinking heavily most of my 20s, that was the first and only time I was kicked out of a bar and I was sober.”

9. Trashy!

“Just in case you think you have the trashiest family I’ll make you feel better. My family is banned from an Applebee’s in Syracuse New York.

Coming home from a game, my d**nk dad started a verbal fight with the manager because he sat a table before us swearing that we were there first. We weren’t, but drunk dad was not having any of it.

Every time that “Applebees on a date night” song comes on everybody looks at him and we laugh and he says he regretes nothing and stood up for what was right.”

10. Put the sword down!

“Banned from the Hard Rock Cafe because the group I was with unsheathed two swords in the lobby and started dueling.

“Sir, sir, put the sword down!”

Guilty by association.”

11. Time to go.

“I’m technically not allowed back in the Foggy Goggle in Boston.

My friends and I did mind erasers (sweet booze with a straw that one drinks quickly) and decided that the entire bar needed to hear “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” sung at full voice.

The staff did not agree. We were escorted out shortly after the song ended and asked to not return.”

12. Not welcome back.

“I got banned from Walmart probably 22 years ago for grabbing one of the microphones and broadcasting over the store that it was closing in 10 minutes, and the dogs will be released shortly after.

The security guard told me that it was hilarious, but I’m not welcome back.”

Why have you been banned from somewhere?

Share your stories with us in the comments.

We look forward to it!