People Talk About The Odd Things They Really Like to Collect

I have a bunch of boxes in my house that I need to dig through soon because they contain all kinds of treasures from my past: old magazines, baseball and hockey cards, movie posters, all kinds of great stuff!

In other words, I used to be a rabid collector of the stuff that I was into.

And today we’re gonna take a look at what AskReddit users like to collect.

Dig in!

1. Awesome!

“Sh**ty sword and sorcery movies (like cheesy Conan the Barbarian knockoffs).

I haven’t counted, but I have an absolute s**tload.

I even built a barbarian themed home gym with a bunch of movie posters and prop weapons. I’ve never met anybody else who’s into this sort of thing.”

2. Interesting.

“Embroidery scissors. And needle minders. And floss. And linen and silk fabric. I guess the floss and fabric could be considered under one caption as Stash.

The scissors are the more expensive collection since some were limited edition scissors. I think the count is now around 75 or 76 scissors.

Needle minders count to 66. And floss…well we just don’t go there since almost one entire craft cabinet is floss. There is another smaller two drawer thread box that has floss.

And the total space the stash takes up is enough that we just don’t discuss that, either.”

3. Wiener dogs.

“Dachshund items (socks, pajamas, stationary, kitchenware, towels, and so much more), cute notebooks, and chapsticks (I have over 60 different flavors).”

4. Cool idea.

“Metal pencil sharpeners that have cool designs.

Like, one is a globe, another looks like a sewing machine, another’s shaped like a cannon, etc.”

5. Family tradition.


It started with my dad’s fire department badge as a kid and I’ve just accumulated ever since.”

6. Care for a chew?

“Vintage chewing tobacco t-shirts.

I don’t even chew tobacco, I just like them.”

7. Just like Blockbuster.

“Movies. Dvd, blu ray and 4k.

I’ve gotten a lot more selective as I’m running out of room but I love that I can just peruse the shelves.

It’s like Blockbuster on a Friday night every night at my house.”

8. Get the ball rolling.

“Antique maps!

I have always liked old documents and books and maps, but the day I found a 300-year-old original map of my home county… that’s when the collection ball got rolling.”

9. Priced out.

“Retro video games. I love the retro art printed on cardboard.

Unfortunately in the last couple years I’ve been priced out of buying, but it means I’m super glad to have got the stuff I got when I did.”

10. Nerd alert!

“I collect Pokemon cards, and not like a usual collection.

I’m talking multiple, full binders full of Pokemon and gallon ziplock bags with random Pokemon in them.”

11. Need a light?


Any time my friends are over and we smoke a joint I let them pick a different one from my collection and it usually comes with a story from the country I got the ashtray from.”

12. Mr. Roboto.

“Very specific looking toy robots.

I love all robots but I love a cute, kind of retro one most of all.

Plush ones are harder to find but they’re usually worth it when you do!”

13. I like this.

“Coffee cups! I have 4 actual coffee cups I use ( they have lids because the kids are knocking them over all the time).

I have a wall in my kitchen that I hang them all on with cup hooks. When someone visits and sees a cool one they like I make them some cocoa or coffee in it. Have had several I have gotten in trade this way! I especially love the ones from local coffee houses.

Whenever we go somewhere I look up little coffee shops to try out new coffees and to see if they have their own logo cups they sell.”

What do you collect?

Let us know in the comments.

We look forward to it!