People Share What They Have Absolute Zero Sympathy For

The world is a complicated place and everyone has their own beliefs and opinions about right and wrong.

And that brings us to today’s question: what do you have NO SYMPATHY FOR?

Let’s take a look at what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. So gross.

“Rich elitist overpaid privilege celebrity people who whine about everything.

It’s disgusting.”

2. Amen!

“People who use their mental illness as an excuse to purposely treat others horribly.

You can be depressed without treating others like they don’t exist/are invisible, you know.

I have depression myself but I don’t treat others horribly.”

3. No mercy.

“D**nk drivers.

I’ve lost friends thanks to a**holes who drive d**nk.

They get nothing from me.”

4. Not a fan.

“Showing up late.

I’m a very punctual person, and always find a way to be there on time.”

5. I have needs!

“People who use their “unmet needs” as an excuse for cheating or, worse, s**ually a**aulting someone.

Like, you most likely have at least one hand. Use it.

If you don’t have hands, I feel bad for you for that but still not if you cheat.”

6. No one’s gonna do it for you.

“People that complain but take no action to make changes.

If you are unhappy enough to run your mouth but too lazy to actually do anything for yourself just do everyone a favor and shut up…we don’t care.”

7. You are bound to repeat it.

“People who ignore oppression and oppressed people.

People who refuse to learn from history.”

8. Bad folks.

“People who exercise no financial responsibilities, have an over-heightened sense of entitlement and when things go bad for them by their own doing, they play the victim card.”

9. Selfish.

“People who think their rights are being violated if they’re refused service by a private business for not wearing a mask or being vaccinated.

You aren’t even the hero of your own story, let alone anyone else’s. You’re putting yourself and everyone else at risk just to make yourself a martyr to other selfish idiots.”

10. Back off!

“People who tailgate and end up running into the back of the car in front of them.

I feel sympathy for the person getting hit, but not for the person who can’t give themselves more than 2 feet in front of their car when driving.”

11. Uh uh.

“Internet influencers who actively shares everything and do stupid things and get famous and then walk around talking about trolls and how much mean people hurts them….blah..blah…!!

They literally invited and invented trolls for them!”

12. Turn it around.

“People who try to blame you for something bad they did to you and end up making you feel like you were in the wrong for telling them.”

13. Good point.

“People who use their mental illness as a way to eschew accountability for treating people poorly.

I am bipolar. I am still responsible for how I treat people and what I do whether I’m at baseline, depressed, manic, or even psychotic.

Don’t use your diagnosis to be a jerk, folks. Use it as a guiding light towards stability.”

What do you have no sympathy for?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!