People Share Stories About the Most Embarrassing Things Their Kids Did in Public

I never really thought about it this way, but it just occurred to me that parents and kids humiliating each other is a reciprocal relationship.

Isn’t that great?!?!

You know it is!

And these stories are really gonna make you laugh…and cringe. Enjoy!

1. Pee pee.

“Our toddler is very inquisitive and we only have 1 bathroom in our house, so she has become well-versed in anatomy and bathroom functions.

One evening as she, my husband and myself were at the beach and cleaning ourselves up in the public restrooms, she hears flushing from the other side and asks me about it.

I tell her that dada is probably going potty, too. As we walked out of our side of the restrooms she calls out, “DADA? Are you going pee pee too? With your PEE-NUS?”

The group of people who were standing outside of the restrooms did nothing to contain their laughter.”

2. Thanks a lot.

“We were at a crowded family pub, outside.

Little one was about 4/5. He ran away from the table so I picked him up and swung him over my shoulder, head facing down.

He lifted up my dress over his head. Flashed my a** to everyone.”

3. In the elevator.

“In an elevator with my 2 year old baby girl and the hottest guy walked in. (Just the 3 of us and I’m holding her).

She batted her eyelashes at him and said “Mommy tooted” I actually did not fart, she was trying to be charming and funny. Thanks kiddo.”

4. That’s bad.

“Pass very large woman in Christmas crowded grocery isle.

As the cart is passing my daughter loudly exclaims “Her b**bs are HUGE!!!!”.

Felt my soul leave my body from embarrassment.”

5. Jeez…

“At my mother’s funeral, my niece waited for the quietest, most solemn moment before the service began, the vicar standing next to coffin, to ask excitedly “what’s in the box?”

It really lightened the mood!”

6. Sorry about that!

“Walking through a shopping centre my 4 year old sees a group of women full burkas.

Turns to me in great excitement and asks loudly if it’s Halloween and that she wants to be a ghost like the ladies.”

7. Go right ahead.

“We live out in the sticks. My boy at 3 years old got used to peeing outside. One day we went to the circus it was set up on the high school football field.

My boy got up about half way through the show says I gotta pee. And he ran out beside the bleachers before we could catch him dropped his pants to his ankles and peed right there in front of the entire crowed.”

8. Need a drink?

“When our daughter was in preschool my wife picked her up once and she asked, very loudly, if my wife would take her to “the liquor store.”

My wife calmly asked why, and she said “to get some lickers!” Meaning suckers.”

9. Run for it!

“She was like 3 yo and crossed a barrier like police tape at a museum exhibit and alarms started to sound.

We booked out of there.”

10. That’s bad.

“My 18 month old dropped a deuce on the floor of the airplane we were on…mid-flight…then proceeded to waffle stomp it all over the row, herself, me and my wife. TBF, her diaper had partially slid off and we didn’t notice until it was too late.

She was literally covered in s**t from the waist down and us from the knees down before we realized there was a problem. It was fast…like less than five seconds fast and the damage was done. It was horrid…

I had to take her to the aft lavatory to clean her up the best I could, but there was a massive line for the lavs. It was like Moses parting the Red Sea – me holding a s**t-covered crying toddler out at arms length. The mass of people literally dove into the rows to make way for me and my s**t-covered spawn. It was a horrific scene, to be sure.

To the crew and passengers of United Flight 1788, I am truly sorry. I apologized then, and I will continue to apologize until the day I d**. It was the worst flight experience for everyone on board.”

11. There she goes.

“Daughter, around 2 1/2, didn’t like the clothes I put on her decide to strip down to her diaper and run out of the post office while we were waiting in line.

My hands were full with a baby and packages. Another woman ran after and grabbed her for me.”

12. He didn’t mean that.

“My brother when he was little once called another kid wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs coat a loser cause my dad would jokingly say it when watching hockey.

The kids mom looked so confused.”

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