People Share Stories About the Most Messed-Up Things They’ve Seen at Work

Knock on wood: I’ve never seen anything really messed-up at any of my jobs before.

No terrible accidents or anything that kept me up at night.

I guess my jobs have just never been too exciting…

But these AskReddit users have seen some s**t!

Check out their stories!

Holy s**t.

“Worked with a guy at a retail store.

He came in one day with one red eye and the other normal, so I asked if he was okay. He said yes and said his pet rabbit scratched him while he was playing with it.

I didn’t think anything of it until about 3 days later when he got arrested, charged with the m**der of a pregnant woman and her fetus, he partly dismembered her body to try to hide his tracks and when he realized that wouldn’t work, he then burned her house down with her body inside.

That’s when I realized that those scratches were really from her fighting for her life.”


“I used to work with special needs kids (ages 3-7), and one of them came up to me on a Monday morning and told me her dad d**d over the weekend, then skipped off to go play with the rest of the group.

I learned later that day that he had overdosed on h**oin and I’m assuming she hadn’t fully understood what being d**d meant, and that she thought she might see him again.”

The fall.

“Saw a guy fall 40 floors onto a large pile of cast iron piping as I was walking off for lunch.

Didn’t end up eating lunch after that.”


“Opioid addiction patient would inject directly into open wounds in her biceps. And I’m not talking small wounds. Both her biceps were eaten away.

There were little thready bits of tissue that were inconvenient because they would get caught on stuff so she cut them. She was in her mid 20s but had started using as a teenager with her mom.

She would get bloodstream infections and heart infections and leave before finishing treatment.”


“Airline pilot.

Watched a guy d** in the Nashville terminal once. Gate C10. He keeled over in his chair waiting for boarding. EMS was there almost immediately. They did CPR on him for a good 15 minutes, way past when everyone knew he’d past.

The part that’s haunting was watching it click for his wife that he was gone. Her reaction… I’ll never forget that.”


“A guy knew he was getting fired so he took a shit in the trash can in his cubicle. Nobody knew if he did it there or took it into the bathroom to s**t in it, but he did it one way or another.

He got called up to HR and was let go. Then the people working in his area started complaining about the shit smell and, sure enough, I found it in his little trash can.

Then I called him to ask about it and he said it was an old burrito he forgot to throw out… it was not an old burrito he forgot to throw out.”

Sounds terrible.

“I was sorting all the psych patients that were hospitalized in my state, and got to this guy: a teenager or maybe a bit older, and he got sent to the ward because he suddenly got aggressive and started to have some episodes that he squirmed in pain/took off his clothes and things like that.

Before being hospitalized he was complaining about these things, but nothing the medics did was working and nothing wrong was found, so it should be a psychiatric issue, no?

Wrong, he was put in the ward for 2 or so years and lost a lot of his life, being considered insane, because he developed a rare spinal cancer that was hard to detect and caused him extreme pain.

Really f**ked up, I don’t remember what happened to him afterward, but I not really optimistic that it had an happy ending.”

Bad accident.

“A guy losing a finger because he tried moving an industrial-strength fan without turning it off first and his finger slipped through the grate.”

Not good.

“I’m a nurse. Used to work on an oncology unit.

One of my patients family members walked into the wrong room by accident. The patient in that room had passed away and was shrouded, waiting for transport to the morgue.

She threw herself on the body, weeping, thinking it was her loved one and no one had called her. Then we realized what happened……it was not good.”

Poor animals.

“Craned an old grain bin that was cemented into the the concrete slab it was on, the bird s**t, feathers and carcasses made a firm floor about 2 feet deep.

Inside were about 15 pigeons who look like they never seen the light of day, some were too fu**ed up to fly, or too young. One was pink, like bald and absolutely the offspring of multi generational incest. They were all f**ked up.

They couldn’t get out because the only place to escape was the cap at the top, which is impossible for a bird to fly vertically through without messing up they’re flight on the roof sheets. I’m guessing they survived off of the grain left inside it, and cannibalizing the d**d.

Most farmers in my experience air out the bins and leave ways for birds to escape before we show up to do work. But that was probably the nastiest farmyard I’ve been in. There were 7 other bins just like it in a row.”

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